Sable Senior Does 4 years old

                       GCH (pending) Klisse’s KCA Natalie 3*M                                            1/31/19; sungau with red highlights; purebred                                      S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                    D: GCH Klisse’s KDC Andrew 2*M                                                          LA: 3 yrs EEEE 91                                                                              Milk: 1-01 295 54 54                                                                                       2-00 297 2,824 91 79                                                                             3-00 229 2,843 96 83 ip                                                                 Natalie has been always been one of my favorites in this age group. She combines the best of her dam and sire.   She most definitely has the “it” factor and is very eye catching. She finished quite easily this year and ended up the ’21 show season with a BIS win! She reminds me strongly of her aunt, SGCH Crinkle. She was 1st/1st udder 3 yo at the ’22 National Show and ended up going Reserve National Champion with Best Udder!!! She was also grand champion at the IN State Fair, WI State Fair (also BOB and BUOB, with a nod for BIS, and did win BUIS!), both rings at the TN State Fair and also BIS/BUIS in both, both rings at the NE State Fair (also BOB/BUOB in one ring with a nod for BIS) GCH, BOB and BIS at the TN Valley Fair, and ended up with 2xGCH and 2xBIS at the Tulsa State Fair. She looks great this year after surprising us with quadruplets, 2 does (Kenzie and Nicole, both retained) and 2 bucks. Natalie apparently came in heat while we were at convention and the big bucks were out, because she never came back in heat and was confirmed pregnant via blood test. Mystery sire(s) and all kids will require DNA.  2nd doe/2nd buck $1000  


         Klisse’s KCA Virtue of Hope 8*M                                                       1/31/19; broken black, red highlights: American                                    S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Valor of Hope 7*M                                           LA: 3 yrs ++VG 84                                                                            Milk: 2-02 211 1,177 47 38                                                                             3-00  225 1,938 76 59 ip                                                           Virtue was Elsie’s only surviving kid after all the mess of 2019. She is sharp and dairy like her dam. She surprised me after I was pretty sure that she hadn’t settled, but she kidded with a well attached udder. She is Valor’s “Mini Me”.                                                         

                    Klisse’s SSCS Portrait of Hope 2*M                                                       2/27/19; medium bay chamoisee, mottled face; purebred                   S: +*B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                   D: GCH Klisse’s KOOH Icon of Hope 1*M                                               LA: 3 yrs +EVV 87                                                                            Milk: 1-00 298 1733 56 47                                                                              1-11 303 2,314 87 65                                                                              2-11 228 1,864 72 51 ip                                                                Portrait freshened very nicely and she actually picked up her first milking leg last summer! Really like my Syrup daughters!  She was being funny odd this year, as she took July and August off, and then came back in to heavier milk in September. Portrait was bred to Talache ‘s Ade on 9/2/22. Does $600

                                                        Klisse’s SSCS Canistel Berry 1*M                                                               3/03/19; broken black, red highlights; purebred                                    S: +*B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                D: Klisse’s KRB Tangerine Berry                                                              LA:  3 yrs +V+E 87                                                                            Milk: 2-02 175 1,153 40 31                                                                             3-00 184 1,697 63 45 ip                                                                 Stella is a very flashy doe and has a high well attached udder with plumb teats. Typical Syrup daughter. Stella picked up a full milking leg this year. Nothing available


                                                Silver Sage KG Chocolate Bunny 13*M                                                  3/12/19; light golden bay chamoisee; American                                  S: *B Klisse’s TH Geranium                                                                      D: Silver Sage TF Nibbles 12*M                                                              LA: 3 yrs VEVE 90                                                                             Milk: 2-00 246 2,250 74 56                                                                             2-10 234 2,334 74 63 ip                                                                Bunny is trying very hard to overcome her sire’s freakishly wild temperament with her dam’s “I have to be first to be milked” attitude, and doing quite well. She needs more medial, but has a very well attached udder. 


         GCH (pending) Klisse’s TF Milcah 6*M                                              5/10/19; frosted sungau; American                                                      S: GCH +*B Talache’s Fortune                                                              D: GCH Klisse’s KPOH Mary  5*M                                                          LA: 3 yrs VEEE 89                                                                                    Milk: 2-10 188 1,749 68 52 ip                                                               Milcah actually looks just like her dam, Mary, but is very squirrelly right now. She managed not to settle as a two year old, but more than made up for it after freshening this year for the first time as a three year old. Her first show out this year was at the IN State Fair 4-H ring, and she went grand to earn her first leg!   Milcah picked up her second leg at a fair in Ohio. Milcah will be bred to Talache ‘s Ade. Does/2nd Buck $700