Sable Senior Does 3 years old

                       GCH (pending) Klisse’s KCA Natalie 3*M                                            1/31/19; sungau with red highlights; purebred                                      S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                    D: GCH Klisse’s KDC Andrew 2*M                                                          Milk: 1-01 295 54 54                                                                                       2-00 237 2491 79 69 ip                                                                 Natalie has been one of my favorites in this age group. She combines the best of her dam and sire.   She most definitely has the “it” factor and is very eye catching. She finished quite easily this year and ended up the show season with a BIS win! She reminds me strongly of her aunt, SGCH Crinkle.

                        Klisse’s KA Cherry Cocktail 10*M                                                       1/31/19; black with red highlights, white feet; American                      S: SGCH  ++*B Klisse’s KPOH Ammon                                                    D: SGCH Klisse’s KOOH ChocolateCupcake 9*M                                    Milk: 1-01 296 1782 60 52                                                                               2-00 237 2164 73 58 ip                                                                    Cherry wasn’t shown (or handled) much till the end of the year, and while her litter sister, Huckleberry (owned by Odeon Dairy Goats) is very sweet, Cherry is probably the ugliest of Cupcake’s daughters. While I really should sell her, sentimental value lets her stay, but she was used as a recipient for our IVF program last year and carried all of those kids, so we’re using her for that purpose again this year and will not have her own kids.

                                                       Klisse’s KCA Virtue of Hope                                                                  1/31/19; broken black, red highlights: American                                    S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Valor of Hope 7*M                                          Milk: 2-02 187 1072 42 34                                                              Virtue was Elsie’s only surviving kid after all the mess of 2019. She is sharp and dairy like her dam. She surprised me after I was pretty sure that she hadn’t settled, but she kidded with a well attached udder. She is Valor’s “Mini Me”.

            Klisse’s SSCS Spell of Hope 8*M                                                          1/31/19; broken black with red highlights; purebred                          S: +*B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                  D: GCH (pending) Klisse’s ODRFB CatatoniaofHope 7*M                    Milk: 1-01 281 1970 71 56                                                                               2-01 213 2066 80 58 ip                                                                   Spell freshened with a very nice udder, nice high rear udder and smooth long foreudder. She is milking very well and looking forward to showing her this year. Spell is bred to *B Klisse’s NSNN Raider and is due 3/4/22. One belted sungau buck available  $700


                                                         Klisse’s TF Yuzu Berry                                                                            2/10/19; light bay chamoisee; purebred                                                S: GCH +*B Talache’s Fortune                                                                D: Klisse’s KEOHLantanaCamaraBery 2*M                                              Milk: 1-01 156 932 23 23                                                                                 2-01 209 1486 44 38 ip                                                                    Yuzu was from a repeat breeding of doe kid that was mysteriously killed two years ago. I had told Tracy that we would do a repeat as soon as we could. Lant was on her last legs and slightly paralyzed by the time she kidded. We were so excited that she had a doe, and overwhelmed when she had a second one. She was put down shortly after, but she gave Tracy an amazing gift of Yuzu and Lime (and ironically enough, the original doe was a very broken sungau, and neither of these two is). Yuzu doesn’t give as much milk as her sisters, but her udder is high and well attached. She is bred to *B Klisse’s KDC Bryson and is due 3/06/22. Broken sungau doe $450

                  Klisse’s KG Moringa Berry 2*M                                                              2/12/19; sungau, red highlights, white star; purebred                          S: +*B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                D: Klisse’s SSCN Gourd Berry 1*M                                                          Milk: 1-00 298 1869 64 52                                                                       Moringa has the same pretty udder that the older Syrup daughters (Begonia and Starling) have and we are looking forward to showing her. Moringa aborted early this year but has been successfully bred back to *B Klisse’s NSNN Sage and is due 2/08/22. Broken sungau buck with red highlights $600

                    Klisse’s SSCS Portrait of Hope 2*M                                                       2/27/19; medium bay chamoisee, mottled face; purebred                   S: +*B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                   D: GCH Klisse’s KOOH Icon of Hope 1*M                                               Milk: 1-00 298 1733 56 47                                                                              1-11 237 1947 72 53 ip                                                                Portrait freshened very nicely and she actually picked up her first milking leg this summer! Really like my Syrup daughters! 

                                                        Klisse’s SSCS Canistel Berry                                                                3/03/19; broken black, red highlights; purebred                                    S: +*B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                D: Klisse’s KRB Tangerine Berry                                                               Milk: 2-02 151 1008 34 27 ip                                                                 Stella is a very flashy doe and has a high well attached udder with plumb teats. Typical Syrup daughter. She is bred to  *B Klisse’s NSNN Cowslip and is due 3/25/22. Does $600

                      Klisse’s KCA Diva of Hope 1*M                                                              3/04/19; broken silver chamoisee; purebred                                        S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                  D: Klisse’s KHB Fleek of Hope                                                                Milk: 1-02 135 651 23 17                                                                                 1-11 232 1703 59 45                                                                          Diva was a big, flashy kid who earned her dry leg the first time she was shown.  Her dam was a really pretty doe that died young, and I decided to keep both of her kids because of it. Diva freshened with a nice udder and has kept the growth up, now almost as tall as some of the three year olds! At Diva’s first show out this year (’21), she went grand in one ring and earned her second leg! Diva’s daughter, Craze, is one of my favorite kids this year and she has also earned her dry leg. 

                                                        Klisse’s KCA Fashionista                                                                        3/04/19; broken silver chamoisee; purebred                                        S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                    D: Klisse’s KHB Fleek of Hope                                                                Milk: 01-00 184 952 26 24                                                                   Ista was also a big, flashy kid and is now a big flashy doe. She has a pretty, globular, well shaped udder like the other Ant daughters. 

                                                Silver Sage KG Chocolate Bunny 13*M                                                  3/12/19; light golden bay chamoisee; American                                  S: *B Klisse’s TH Geranium                                                                      D: Silver Sage TF Nibbles 12*M                                                            Milk: 2-00 190 1828 59 44 ip                                                                 Bunny is trying very hard to overcome her sire’s freakishly wild temperament with her dam’s “I have to be first to be milked” attitude, and doing quite well. She needs more medial, but has a very well attached udder. 


                                                      Klisse’s TF Milcah                                                                                    5/10/19; frosted sungau; American                                                      S: GCH +*B Talache’s Fortune                                                              D: GCH Klisse’s KPOH Mary  5*M                                                               Milcah actually looks just like her dam, Mary, but is very squirrelly right now. She managed not to settle last year, and somehow evaded the kids when they were catching dry does for the recipients, so she got bred to *B Klisse’s NSNN Raider and is due 3/19/22. She looks so much like her dam, Mary, that we are all getting them mixed up!  2 sungau bucks $500