Sable Senior Does 5 Years Old

              Klisse’s KCA Cocoa 13*M                                                                        2/09/2018; light golden bay chamoisee; PUREBRED                            S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s KPOH Powerhouse Bar 12*M                                        Milk:  1-02285 1,615 49 43                                                                              2-02 222 1781 55 44                                                                              2-11 294 2,805 97 77                                                                              3-11 278 2770 97 75 ip                                                              LA: 4 yrs VEVE 88                                                                               Cocoa was never shown as a kid because of a messed up tattoo (and my inability to remember my glasses so I could see what her tattoo ended up looking like), so the ’19 Nationals was her first show out, where she was 3rd/1st udder yearling milker. Go Cocoa! She is still milking like a cow and putting all of her energy into that, so like her dam, Power, is more udder than goat. Worst rump by far of all of the mature does, but I love everything else about her, so she stays.

                      Klisse’s KROHPeanutButterBerry 1*M                                                  2/18/2018; red bay chamoisee; PUREBRED                                          S: CH Klisse’s SSG Riot of Hope                                                            D: Klisse’s KOOH Jessamine Berry                                                          Milk: 1-00 294 1535 52 47                                                                               1-11 314 2427 79 68                                                                               3-00 280 2,446 89 72                                                                 LA: 1-05 +++V 84                                                                                  Peanut is our first Riot daughter to freshen- and she is everything her dam, Jesse, should have been and wasn’t. She was not the biggest yearling, or very fancy, but she is correct. She was the 12th pl yearling milker at the ’19 Nationals. She has deepened out with a third freshening and a nicely attached capacious udder. In fact, she was taken as a sanction animal to the first show of ’21, and she was reserve champion in one ring! For some reason she was just overlooked in getting bred last year, so hopefully she’ll come back into milk this next year. Nothing available

GCH (pend) Klisse’s KJ Sashimi 8*M                                                    2/19/2018; broken sungau, 75%AC,25%AA                                          S: GCH +*B Klisse’s PRB Joshua                                                            D: Klisse’s KNOH Sassarolla 7*M                                                       LA: 01-08 88 VEEE                                                                                   Milk: 1-00 218 1770 48 44                                                                              3-01 143 1,217 32 31                                                                              4-00 133 579 16 16                                                                  Shimi was one of our first Joshua daughters to freshen- she was 1st/1st udder yearling milker at the ‘19 Nationals, and she is the highest scoring yearling milker ever for the herd. She has 2 milking legs from her yearling lactation, but she got mastitis right at the end of 2019, so unless she pulls out of it, she’ll just be a brood doe. I like everything about this doe except for her “Pindell” shoulders. Well, holy smokes! She freshened pretty evenly this year, and so was taken to the first show. Not only did she get her 3rd and an insurance leg, she was also BIS in one ring!! She looks fantastic! Shimi likes to look “well loved” and not milk, so she’s dry most of thetime. She was bred to *B Talache ‘s Ade for 1st generation Sables on 3/20/23. Does $750

                        Klisse’s KF Certified of Hope 1*M                                                          3/06/2018; black, wattles; PUREBRED                                                    S: GCH +*B  Klisse’s PRB Joshua                                                          D: Klisse’s KA Affidavit of Hope                                                          LA: 4 yrs VEV+ 87 (dry, half udder)                                                      Milk: 1-11 322 2223 84 70 (on half an udder)                                                 3-00 198 1,674 68 47                                                                             4-00 103 857 42 29 (dried early for nationals)                              Tifi freshened normally and then got gangrenous mastitis during her first milk test as a yearling. The half that is sound is very shapely and well-attached.

                          Klisse’s SOZF Polka of Hope 1*M                                                          4/11/2018; golden bay chamoisee; b allele carrier                                S: SG *B Springfield Oaks CG Zorro Faro                                                D: Klisse’s TF Fugue of Hope                                                                  Milk: 0-11 290 1931 64 61                                                                              1-10 300 2642 84 79                                                                              2-10 303 3,743 129 113                                                                          3-09 265 3626 138 115 ip                                                              LA: 4 yrs VEVV 89                                                                                  Polka has a dry leg. I am liking Polka more and more. By the end of the ’19 show season, she was at the top of the class, and she has a pretty, shapely udder with the body to go with it. She is milking very well this year, and is the highest producer again in the herd. Polka was bred to *B Klisse’s NSNN Sage on 10/16/22. Does, bucks $800

                 Klisse’s KR Miracle of Hope 2*M                                                4/11/2018; Broken chocolate chamoisee; PUREBRED                            S: *B Klisse’s KHB Revel                                                                        D: Klisse’s KA Pomelo 1*M                                                                      LA: 4 yrs VEVE 90                                                                              Milk: 1-09 300 2639 89 71                                                                               2-09 259 2,807 93 74                                                                             3-10 262 3011 98 77 ip                                                                Miracle freshened with a pretty, globular well- attached udder and we are super happy with it. Love, Love, LOVE this doe. She looks even better this year with another freshening, and she was once again Youth Premier Sable Senior Champion at the national show. Miracle was bred to *B Klisse’s KDC Bryson on 11/16/22. 2nd doe, bucks $750 (kids may be white and therefore experimentals).