Sable Senior Does 7 Years Old


                                                        GCH Klisse’s TF Apple 2*M                                                                   2/11/2017; broken sungau                                                                   S: GCH +*B Talache’s Fortune                                                                D: Klisse’s NSNN Cascara Berry *M                                                        MIlk: 2-01 210 1897 64 58                                                                               3-02 231 2001 63 56                                                                               4-00 284 2,478 88 66                                                                             5-00 397 4011 154 112                                                               LA: 5 yrs EEEE 92                                                                                 Apple is a tall, long doe, and very reminiscent of her aunt, SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Catastrophe of Hope.  She earned her dry leg at the WI State Fair over a huge lot of other juniors. She was the 4th pl dry yearling at ’18 Nationals.  She finished at her first show out as a milker! She was the 17th pl 2 year old at the ’19 Nationals. Apple is even this year after having mastitis 2 years ago and is milking in proportion to her body size- LARGE! She was also BOB/BUOB at the WI State Fair in ’21 with a HUGE Sable show.

            SGCH (pend) Klisse’s SSCS Begonia *M                                                2/13/2017; belted sungau                                                                    S: +*B Silver-Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                  D: Klisse’s KAOH Lotus                                                                            MIlk: 1-01 251 1459 48 42                                                                               1-11 321 2946 96 81                                                                               3-00 312 2798 87 75                                                                               4-01 217 1639 56 45                                                                               5-01 189 1126 39 30                                                                               6-01 157 1090 39 32                                                                  LA: 6-06 VEEV 91                                                                                  Begonia was supposed to be sold as a bred doe, since I don’t like keeping lone animals when I have sold the other relatives, but her sale fell through, thank goodness! We have a gorgeous milker who is also proving to be a good brood doe, as evidenced by her fresh daughter, “Loni”(Angelonia).  Begonia is small but super typey, and she placed 3rd/2nd udder at nationals as a yearling, and was 3rd pl 2 year old this year at the ’19 Nationals. She has been at the top of her class (even in the very large ones) all throughout the show season.  For all of her short stature, she really pumps the milk out and should finish this lactation strong at just under 3000 lbs, which isn’t shabby for any sized two year old! Begonia also snagged 2 milking legs in ’20 year with its incredible limited show season. Begonia was taken to the first show of ’21 and went reserve in the first ring and then grand in the second, picking up her third leg. Then at convention, her last leg was pulled due to a show secretary filling in a wrong number, but we were able to pick up her third leg again this spring, so she has now finished twice!


      GCH Klisse’s KPOH Mary 5*M AI                                                          2/16/2017; sungau                                                                                S: GCH ++*B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope                                          D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Leah 4*M                                                          Milk:  1-04 175 604 22 21  (precocious )                                                          2-02 276 1909 66 62                                                                              3-02 247 2261 83 69                                                                              4-01 197 1,703 60 47                                                                              5-01 293 2216 81 69                                                                              6-01 221 2337 90 68 ip                                                                LA: 6-06 EEEE 92                                                                                    Mary was a very precocious dry yearling and did 604 lbs then! She is a full sister to SGCH Salome and SGCH Ammon. She was the 6th pl 2 year old milker at the ’19 Nationals. Mary was BIS one time last year, too! Mary actually looks phenomenal this year, but for the most past has been outshone by Natalie. She did pick up a BOB/BUOB at the Nebraska State Fair in one ring, though. Mary is not bred and will be dried off rather than milk her through.



                          GCH (pending) Klisse’s SSCS Starling 1*M                                           3/16/2017; broken black with red highlights; PUREBRED                      S: +*B SIlver-Sage KA Chocolate Syrup                                                    D: Klisse’s SSCN Robin                                                                          Milk: 1-00 182 925 29 21                                                                                 1-10 239 1523 57 41                                                                               2-10 321 2592 101 69                                                                             3-11 270 2,160 88 57                                                                             5-00 206 1815 73 50                                                                  LA: 5 yrs EEEE 91                                                                                    For a most of two years, Starling was the lone survivor of Cary’s bird line after several freak things happened, and we were overjoyed when she not only freshened with a shapely, well-attached udder, but had a single doe kid (Phoenix), as well. She is small but correct. She was the 14th pl 2 yr old at the ’19 National Show. Starling really blossomed last year like the other Syrup kids, and not only finished, but 2 of her legs were also BIS wins! Starling was another loser who took last year off.