Reference Bucks

GCH +*B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope 

2/12/07, Frosted sundgau

     SS: Cherrypines Moose Drool                                                                              S: +B Talache’s CMD Allyn                                                                                            SD: Talache’s Otis

     DS: *B Diamond Drifter                                                                                    D: SGCH Klisse’s DD Saga of Hope 4*M                                                                    DD: SGCH Klisse’s GSMS Triumph of Hope 3*M

LA: 6-07 VEE 89

Pinnacle is a medium sized buck who has some knockout daughters- see Salome. Daughter Reverie, now owned by Jewel Dickey, was the 1st pl. Senior Yearling this year at the national show in Louisville. Salome, as a first freshening two year old, was just the Reserve Grand Champion Sable at the ’15 National Show. Another daughter, Toblerone, was 2nd/2nd udder 2 year old and his other daughters, Trance, Reverie, Jerusha, and Egypta all placed well in their classes. His daughters are smaller than their dams but have very high wide rear udders that are shapely and well-attached. I have a very limited amount of semen available on him. Most of his mature daughters in the herd have 91 or higher LA scores. DNA VERIFIED


                                   GCH +*B Klisse's KA Chocolate Ant                                                   4/9/2016; belted sungau, red highlights                                               S: SGCH ++*B Klisse's KPOH Ammon                                                          D: SGCH Klisse's KOOH ChocolateCupcake 9*M                                         LA: 3-03 VEE 90                                                                                        Ant has an impeccable pedigree- his dam is a second generation national champion, his maternal sister is a national champion, and his paternal sister is also a national champion), and his daughters are most definitely indicative of that. Not as much milk as I would like, but very correct bodies and udders. Daughter Natalie is now a pending GCH, and also was Reserve National Champion with Best Udder for the '22 year.   DNA verified, Semen 5/$200