Sable Senior Does 7 Years Old

Klisse’s KBBJ Honor of Hope 7*M AI                                                     2/28/2016; broken black with red highlights                                        S: +*B Klisse’s TE Big Bad John                                                              D: Klisse’s TA Allegiance of Hope 6*M AI                                            MIlk: 1-11 267 1856 74 48                                                                      Lifetime milk: 764 4850 182 129                                                            LA: 2-05 ++V+ 82                                                                                   Honor is slow maturing like her older sister, Valor, so it’s just a waiting game.  Although she got mastitis last year and was dried early, she freshened well and will be back on the show string this summer. Honor was bred 10/17/22 to *B Klisse’s KK Raffaello.  2nd doe/bucks $800

GCH Klisse’s KCT Euodias 5*M                                                              3/18/2016; bay chamoisee                                                                      S: *B Klisse’s KOOH Chocolate Twist                                                      D: GCH Klisse’s KD Judith 4*M                                                                MIlk:  1-11 273 2284 72 61                                                                              3-00 222 1977 56 50                                                                              3-10 303 2582 82 69                                                                              4-10 247 2,140 68 53                                                                              5-10 227 1,657 59 44 (dried early for convention)                      LA: 6 yrs VEVV 89                                                                                     Odia looks really nice, and at her first show out for that year (which was nationals), she was 1st/1st udder 3 year old, and also RESERVE BEST UDDER! Odia got all three of her legs in a single year, and is really looking nice. Odia was bred to  Talache ‘s Ade on 10/16/22. Does, bucks $850

GCH (pending) Klisse’s ODRFB Catatonia of Hope  7*M                      4/01/2016; broken frosted sungau, polled                                            S: CH *B Ober-D’Rainbow Fudge Bar                                                    D: Klisse’s KPOH Trance of Hope 6*M                                                    MIlk: 1-10 287 2373 83 69                                                                               2-09 288 2654 89 79                                                                               3-10 268 2558 82 72                                                                               5-00 175 1553 52 43 ip                                                                  LA: 3-03 VV+V 86                                                                                       Toni is a correct doe, and mostly nice tempered, which is unusual for her family. She is proving to be a better brood doe than a show doe, although this year at 5 freshenings, she kind of went VAVOOM! and is this gorgeously uddered creature, and finished at her first three shows of the year! She is a better brood doe than show doe, however. Funny bit of trivia here- Toni has had 2 sets of triplets does, with a set of twin does in between. From the set of twin does, each of those had triplet does as yearling milkers, and one had triplet does again this year as a two year old. This doe had a yearling daughter (from her set of triplets) that also had triplet does born this year as a yearling milker! So 3 sets of triplet does in three generations all in the same year. Toni was bred to Talache ‘s Ade on 11/20/22. Does $750