Sable Senior Does 3 Year Olds

                             Klisse's KLSOH Talitha                                                                       2/07/2021; bay chamoisee; American                                                       S: CH *B Klisse's KCA LightStrikeofHope                                                      D: GCH Klisse's KCT Euodias 5*M                                                       LA: 2-06 VVEG 86                                                                              Milk: 1-02 257 1131 48 34                                                                         
         2-01 218 1438 49 38 ip                                                            Talitha is long, tall and dairy, and freshened quite nicely. She looks a lot like her dam at this age. She is maturing very well and has already earned 2 milking legs (one full, one short). She was the GCH Sable in the 4-H ring at the '23 IN State Fair. Talitha is bred to Talache's Sugar Cream Pie and due 2/22/24. Does/bucks $750                                   
                                                                 Klisse's NSNN Baylee 3*M  DNA Verified                                               2/14/2021; broken black; American                                                     S: SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night                                                          D: GCH Klisse's KDC Andrew 2*M                                                         LA: 2-06 GEVE 88                                                                             Milk: 1-01 275 1653 58 49                                                                       
         2-00 238 2672 90 72 ip                                                       Baylee was a bit of a surprise, as almost always when a sungau bred to a sungau produces a sungau. DNA proves who she is, though, so she is our pretty anomaly. She did freshen very nicely, but needs to fill out so she's not quite so "scary dairy" like her dam was. She is now long and tall, and just needs to mature. She was also the 1st/1st udder 2 yo at the IN State Fair this year, beating the class winner at the '23 National Show, as well as going on to be BUOB!   
                                         Klisse's NNHT Craze of Hope                                                         2/14/2021; broken black with red highlights; American                                 S: *B Nut-N-Honey TCT Tonka                                                              D: Klisse's KCA Diva of Hope 1*M                                                         LA: 2-06 VEEV 88                                                                               Milk: 1-03 130 582 21 17
         2-02 130 832 24 20                                                                     Craze is a powerful doe who has already earned her dry leg with limited showing as a kid. She has placed at the top of her class consistently through the show season. 
                                                            Klisse's NSNN Chamomile 2*M    DNA Verified                                           Klisse's NSNN Chenile 2*M       DNA Verified                                                                                      2/14/2021, broken sungau; Americans                                                          S: SG Noble-Springs Night Night                                                         D: SGCH (pending) Klisse's SSCS Begonia 1*M                                                  Cami: LA: 2-06 GVVE 86                                                                               Milk: 1-01 258 1847 64 55
         1-11 279 2696 89 75
Chenile: LA: 2-06 GVVG 85                                                                Milk: 1-01 290 1543 54 43
         2-01 140 1160 39 31                                                                                                                                                 While not really true triplets (or quads, since Miss Spotlight '21 Periwinkle is also a part), they are from our pretty successful IVF attempt to stretch a rare straw of Night further than just one batch of kids. We ended up with 12 out of him, 6 bucks and 6 does, 7 of whom were from SG Begonia, who was already linebred on him 3 times. Chenille and Violet are pretty similar to Periwinkle, but poor Cami is the truly ugly sister- big fat wide (also white!) rump that's STEEEEEEP but her udder is AWESOME. 

                                                                                     Klisse's KR Clementine                                                                    2/14/2021; black with red highlights; Purebred                                   S: *B Klisse's KHB Revel                                                                        D: Klisse's KA Pomelo 1*M 
LA: 2-06 VVVV 87
Milk: 1-11 187 882 33 25                                                                    Clementine is a repeat of Miracle, who has been one of my favorites since she freshened last year for the first time. I did a repeat breeding and ended keeping her when we lost Pomelo. She looks just like Miracle, but had a teat injury so was dried off early on one side; hopefully we'll get that cleared up and they'll be a killer produce of dam! 


                               Klisse's JTM Gal 1*M                                                                                3/03/2021; golden bay chamoisee, white face, American                   S: Jug-Tavern's Monster                                                                          D: Klisse's KD Giselle                                                                                 LA: 2-05 GGGE 86                                                                                                                Milk: 1-01 155 1261 36 32
         2-01 200 1927 53 49 ip                                                                             Gal has nice general appearance, but I'm not quite sure I like the shape and attachment of her udder. Nice side profile, but weird from the rear. She was the 2nd pl/2nd udder 2 yr old at the IN State Fair in a huge class. Gal is a butt and has not settled despite repeated attempts to get her bred. At least I hadn't dried her off, so she'll just milk through.                                                                                                               
                                                                                  Klisse's KLSOH Cashew                                                                  3/14/2021: broken light bay chamoisee; Purebred                                 S: CH *B Klisse's KCA LightStrikeofHope                                              D: Klisse's TF Yuzu                                                                               Cashew slipped through the cracks and will be a ff 3 yo. She is very nice (a much darker bay now, though).