SGCH Klisse’s TR Hollyhock 2*M                                                           4/03/2016; wattles                                                                                  S: *B Talache’s Rah                                                                               D: Klisse’s WSV Narcissis *M                                                                  MIlk: 1-11 327 3126 114 80                                                                             3-00 182 2128 74 65                                                                      LA: 3-03 +V+E 87                                                                                   Holly is a fairly correct doe and she was 6xRes as a dry yearling, once over 23 other doelings! She freshened with an incredible udder, and so we decided to take her to the national show, where she was 11th out of 40, as a first freshener! She has been BUOB breed several times already, including a BUIS! She finished quite easily last year as a first freshener, within a 15 day time period. Unfortunately, she freshened with mastitis on one side two years ago and is only good as a brood doe now. Holly was bred to *B Talache ‘s Hal on 9/9/22. One doe available $800

                                            GCH (pending) Klisse’s TR Tulip 3*M                                                    3/10/17                                                                                                  S: *B Talache’s Rah                                                                                D: Klisse’s TH Crocus 2*M                                                                      Milk: 2-01 252 1536 46 42                                                                              2-11 193 1828 61 48                                                                              4-00 208 1,749 58 46                                                                              4-11 225 1,143 38 32                                                                   LA: 5 yrs EEEE 91                                                                                     Tulip earned her dry leg at the Nebraska State Fair and was also BJrDIS at the Oklahoma State Fair. Tulip also has a milking leg. She has a very nice general appearance, but needs more rear udder and to be able to keep her production up for longer than a few months. I do like her daughters, though. She finished off her show season in ’21 with a whopping 2xBIS at the TriState Fair in Amarillo, TX! Tulip will be bred to *B Talache ‘s Hal. 2nd doe, bucks $800


                        GCH (pending) Klisse’s TR Foxglove 3*M                                              2/07/19; white                                                                                        S: *B Talache’s Rah                                                                                D: Klisse’s TH Crocus 2*M                                                                      LA: 3 yrs VEEE 91                                                                                   Milk: 1-01 170 827 28 23                                                                                2-01 602 4867 192 142 ip                                                                      Foxglove is a full sister to Tulip, and while she has the same long body, her head is much coarser. Her udder looks nice so far with a much better rear udder and more milk production than her full sister, Tulip. She picked up a milking leg at the end of show season, and with the two she just got, should be finished on an extended lactation. Foxy will be bred to *B Talache ‘s Hal. Does, 2nd buck $750

                          KLISSE’S NL FAWN LILY 3*M AI
02/08/2020; white, polled
S: SG ++*B Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leapold
D: SGCH Klisse’s KR Hollyhock 2*M                                                       LA: 2 yrs VEVE 88                                                                                   Milk: 1-02 288 1,899 69 58                                                                               2-01 209 1859 61 53 ip
Fawn was a much anticipated doe, and boy howdy! She does not disappoint! She’s everything good that I remembered about my Leapold girls. Love this girl! She was 8th pl yearling at nationals in ’21. Fawn picked up a full milking leg at the NE State Fair this year. She will be bred to *B Talache ‘s Hal. 1 polled buck available $750


                                                     KLISSE’S NST GILIA
3/28/2020; white; 75%AS 25%AC
S: Noble-Springs Tator
D: Klisse’s KJ Lilac 3*M                                                                            LA: 2 yrs VVVV 85                                                                                  Milk: 1-10 218 1,184 39 35 (dried early for convention)
Gili is an experimental who will throw American does. She freshened quite nicely, and her daughters will be American Saanens. She was bred to *B Talache ‘s Hal, due 1/31/23.  Possible doe, depending on how many out of Hal that we get $600

                            KLISSE’S JKM BLUEBONNET                                                         3/10/2021                                                                                           S: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids McCraken                                                        D: GCH (pending) Klisse’s TR Tulip 3*M                                                  LA: 1 yr +V+V 83                                                                                    Milk: 1-01 186 1281 45 36 ip                                                       Bonnet freshened quite well, but she got her sire’s rear pasterns. She was bred to *B Talache ‘s Hal, on 10/31/22. Does, bucks $600

                                                      KLISSE’S TH HEPATICA                                                                           4/09/2021; white, wattles                                                                    S: *B Talache’s Haakon                                                                          D: Klisse’s NST Brugmansia 4*M                                                            LA: 1-05 ++G+ 80                                                                               Pati and PToes are full genetic sisters, as their dams were from a set of quads that Tulip had 2 years ago. Funny thing about her when she freshened was that she had a single buck, and then 5 days later delivered live twins- a buck and doe! I was so dumbfounded- never had that happen before, but I was there for each birth, and since she only had the one doe, there wasn’t an issue with registering 2 sets of kids with different birthdates online. Pati is quite small, and she was bred to Circle33 Ranger on 9/19/22. One doe available $600

KLISSE’S TH PUSSYTOES                                                               4/17/2021; white, wattles                                                                      S: *B Talache’s Haakon                                                                         D: Klisse’s NST Trillium                                                                          PToes is the youngest of the full genetic sisters, just as ugly as the rest. In case you’re wondering, Pussytoes are a little fuzzy flower that looks like a kitten’s paw. She was bred to Klisse’s JKM Borage on 11/14/22. Does $500

KLISSE’S TH SYRINGA                                                                        4/21/2021; white; wattles                                                                      S: *B Talache’s Haakon                                                                          D: Klisse’s NL Fawn 3*M                                                                     Syringa is small and was left dry, but she was bred to Circle33 Ranger on 10/23/22. Does only $500

KLISSE’S JKM HEROINE                                                                       2/7/2022; white                                                                                     75% AS 25% AC                                                                                     S: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids McCraken                                                               D: Klisse’s KCA Hosana                                                                            Heroine is a grade, but will have American does when bred to a Saanen buck. She was penbred to Klisse’s JKM Borage for April kids. Does $450

KLISSE’S JKM SUNDROP                                                                         2/7/2022; white                                                                                      S: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids McCraken                                                                D: GCH Klisse’s TE Daylily 4*M                                                                Sundrop is a long tall kid, but she’s also had pneumonia twice now. She has healed well, but due to the last minute change of bucks for the young white does, she ended up not getting bred as I used her twin brother for the pen breeding, instead of Ranger. She is already long and tall.

KLISSE’S NL TIGER LILY ET                                                                    2/20/2022; white, wattles                                                                      S: SG ++*B Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leapold                                                    D: SGCH Klisse’s TR Hollyhock 2*M                                                        Tiger is a full sister to Fawn, though a bit smaller. She shares the same sweet personality as their sire and her sister, but not polled like him and Fawn. She was bred to Klisse’s JKM Borage for April kids. I’ve used her full sister for the extended link because Tiger’s papers are still being processed from the ET stuff. Does $500

KLISSE’S CKM PRIMROSE                                                                     4/5/2022; white, polled                                                                         S: Cisco CVHF Kazana Martini                                                                 D: Klisse’s NL Fawn Lily 3*M                                                                           Primrose is a sweet little kid, just small.  She will be left dry.


*B TALACHE ‘S HAL                                                                                 4/15/2021                                                                                               S: *B Vineyard View Hops                                                                       D: GCH (pending) Talache ‘s Haashrita                                                   Hal is a buck loaded with amazing potential. He was gifted to me this summer from Shannan Lloyd. His dam has an incredible udder and was BIS in all three rings at a spring show in the Pacific NW in ’21. His sire is quickly becoming one of the Who’s Who bucks in the Saanen world. I can’t wait to see what Hal brings to the party!

KLISSE’S JKM BORAGE                                                                         2/07/22                                                                                                  S: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids McCraken                                                               D: GCH Klisse’s TE Daylily 4*M                                                                I originally kept Borage to sell, but ended up liking him enough to keep and use at the last minute when I didn’t have any buyers. He is bred to most of the younger Saanen and Saanen-type does. He is very long and tall.

CIRCLE33 RANGER                                                                                 3/16/22                                                                                                   S: Talache ‘s Hatdar                                                                                 D: Talache ‘s Reka Eureka                                                                       Ranger is another gift, from Linda Berens and Shannan Lloyd. His dam is a beautiful young doe that I admired on my trip out to WA this summer. He small but very correct.  Ranger is being used on some of the younger does.


                                                                                  *B TALACHE’S HAAKON
S: *B Talache’s Horus
D: SGCH Talache’s Hadar 7*M
Haakon was a bomb gift that we were given two years ago. We did some transport for Shannan, and she allowed us to use Haakon while he was here, so all 5 of our oldest Saanen kids and our Alpine kid were bred to him. Looks like he is not a color carrier as both kids from the Alpine were snowy white. He is now owned by MagMar Farm.