Recorded Grades

Due to the fact that most of the recorded grades are 3/4 Sable, those particular animals are listed on the breed page by age, as their daughters are American.


3/5/2022; white
87% AC, 13%AS
S: Klisse's JTM St John's Wort Berry
D: Klisse's KD Adenium
DHIR: 1-01 211 1585 44 41 ip
LA: 1-05 GVVE 87
If Rue had been born colored, she would have been a Sable, but she's white, so we get to start all over again in the breeding up program. She turned out very nice and is the only milking grade that was retained in the herd. Bred to Klisse's KJ Flowering Kale on 9/25/23  for grade kids, even though they're 100% Sables. Does $500
3/25/2022; broken sungau, tan lines
50%AC 50%AA
S: GCH +*B Klisse's KA Chocolate Ant
D: SGCH Klisse's HOC Sash 1*M
Sasin made it through the big herd cutting, mostly on account of her sire being Ant. She was bred to Taraxacum on 11/22/23, and while her kids will be 75% Sable, their doe kids will be first gen. American if bred Sable. Doe kids $450

5/2/2022; white
50% AC 50% AS
S: Klisse's NNHT Principe
D: SGCH Klisse's TR Hollyhock 2*M
Crocosmia was saved on the basis of her dam, Holly. She was bred to  Circle33 Ranger for late April kids. They will be 75% Saanens, so their does if bred to Saanen will have first gen. American Saanens. Does $450