Recorded Grades

Due to the fact that most of the recorded grades are 3/4 Sable, those particular animals are listed on the breed page by age, as their daughters are American.

 4/22/2018; black with tan points; 50%AC 50%AA
 S: CH *B Klisse’s KCH Doom of Hope
 D: SGCH Klisse’s HOC Sash 1*M                                                                                          LA: 4 yrs VVEE 90                                                                                                                                               Milk: 0-11 296 1812 62 51                                                                                      2-10 264 1,531 52 40                                                                                      3-09 217 1,447 51 39 (dried early for convention)                                                                                                                                                                               Sassy is the result of my not being able to get her dam settled AI nor hauled somewhere to be bred Alpine (my laziness, essentially). She stood at the top of the class when Shimi wasn’t being shown, or right behind her when she was. She aborted 3 weeks early and didn’t dilate, so had to have a c-section to get the kids out. She was more than a little stressed and kidding early did nothing for her milk production, so we let her stay dry.  This year she freshened nicely with no mastitis and a healthy kid (but FAT- holy cow!!!). 

5/10/2018; white with brown head and dapples; 50%AC 50%AS
S: CH *B Klisse’s SSG Riot of Hope
D: Klisse’s TH Helen 8*M LA: 4-04 VVEE 88 Milk: 01-08 3021 2192 103 79 3-10 1647 65 52 ip Hello is one of the few does left from the year when I had no Saanen buck and crossbred them all to Sable. Other than being way too fat from being left as a dry yearling due to her birthdate and then aborting her second lactation, she’s fairly correct with a nice udder. She has been bred to *B Klisse’s KDC Bryson and is due March 12, ’23. Her daughters, though experimental, will have American offspring when bred Sable. Beautiful broken sungau doe $700

Klisse’s KP Consent of Hope 3/22/2021; white Sable S: *B Klisse’s NNHT Principe D: Klisse’s KJ Sanction of Hope LA: 1 yr ++++ 80 Milk: 1-01 151 664 20 18 (dried early for convention) Connie freshened better than I hoped for, and she will be bred Saanen this fall. She is a color carrier. Connie will be bred to Circle33 Ranger. Does only $500

                                     Klisse's KA Sashion                                                                         4/16/2021; broken black with tan points, red highlights                   50%AA 50%AC                                                                                       S: SGCH ++*B Klisse's KPOH Ammon                                                 D: SGCH Klisse's HOC Sash 1*M                                                            Sashion is a cutie, and somehow almost all of Sash's daughters are the same black and tan pattern, regardless of the sire. 

 KLISSE'S TH SASHBANG                                                        4/24/2021; white  50%AS, 50%AA                                                                                      S: *B Talache's Haakon                                                                         D: Klisse's WK Sash in My Pocket                                                            Bang is quite small and white she is white, she is most definitely ALL Alpine in attitude.  Bred to Klisse's JKM Borage on 10/31/22. Does only and they'll be 75% Saanen, so if bred to a Saanen buck, will have American does with your herd name on them. $500
2/1/2022; white, polled
100% AC
S: Klisse's JTM St John's Wort Berry
D: GCH (pending) Klisse's ODRFB Catatonia of Hope
Woe was pen bred to Klisse's JKM Borage and due sometime between 3/29-5/15/23. Does will be 50%AC, 50%AS, $500
2/9/2022; white
100% AC
S: Talache 's Ade
D: Klisse's KCA Diva of Hope
Couture was pen bred to Klisse's JKM Borage and due sometime between the end of March and the middle of May. Does will be 50%AC and 50%AS, $500
3/5/2022; white
87% AC, 13%AS
S: Klisse's JTM St John's Wort Berry
D: Klisse's KD Adenium
If Rue had been born colored, she would have been a Sable, but she's white, so we get to start all over again in the breeding up program. Rue was bred to Klisse's JKM Borage, and we'll go back to Saanen, which is where this dam line started. She is due sometime from the end of March to the middle of May, doe kids only $500
3/25/2022; broken sungau, tan lines
50%AC 50%AA
S: GCH +*B Klisse's KA Chocolate Ant
D: SGCH Klisse's HOC Sash
Sasin will be a dry yearling since we didn't get her bred to Archangel, the Alpine buck.
3/25/2022; sungau with tan points, white hindquarters
50% AC 50% AA
S: GCH +*B Klisse's KA Chocolate Ant
D: Klisse's WC Sash In My Pocket
Sashed was bred to Hurricane-PM Archangel and is due 4/25/23. Doe kids only and they will be 75% AA, so their daughters will have American Alpines if bred to an Alpine buck. $600
3/31/2022; brown cou blanc
50% AC 50% AS
S: Acres-of-Daisies Freddo
D: Klisse's TR Hilary
Harlee was the result of effin' Fred getting out and having fun while we were at a 6 ring buck show that he wasn't invited to. I had tried to breed Hilary as a yearling to a Sable to see if she was a color carrier (she's a dark gold) and got twin white bucks, so registered her Saanen. When she was bred to Fred, ALL three kids were colored. Harlee was penbred to Klisse's TK Big Thunder and due sometime from 3/30 until the middle of May. Doe kids only, will be 75%AC, $500.
4/26/2022; sungau with red highlights
100% AC
S: *B Klisse's NSNN Cowslip
D: Klisse's KP Consent of Hope
Will be left dry, as she is quite small for her age.
4/28/2022; white
50% AC 50% AS
S: *B Klisse's NSNN Cowslip
D: Klisse's JKM Bluebonnet
Will be left dry
5/2/2022; white
50% AC 50% AS
S: Klisse's NNHT Principe
D: SGCH Klisse's TR Hollyhock
Will be left dry
5/18/2022; white
50% AC 50% AS
S: *B Klisse's NSNN Cowslip
D: Klisse's TH Hepatica
Will be left dry