Recorded Grades




Klisse’s KNOH Sassorolla

5/12/14, Black, red highlights

50%Alpine, 50%Sable

s: *B Klisse’s KBB Nimbus of Hope

d: SGCH Waiilatpu SDM Sassafras

LA: 2-01 VEEE 89

Rolla is a pretty doe with a nice shaped, well-attached udder. She was the only grade we took to nationals this year and placed 7th out of 19 in the two year old class. She has been placing at the top of her class at the state fairs, and has goneĀ grand champion (full leg) once already.

Klisse’s KCH Anise Berry


S: CH Klisse’s TA Chocolate Haystack

D: Klisse’s KEOH LantanaCameraBerry *M

Anise is a white Sable and she has earned her dry leg.






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