Semen Available


+*B Talache’s Eldon

Black with Red Highlights

     SS: ++*B Thunder Run’s Irish Justice

S: +*B Talache’s Windward

     SD: Thunder-Run “South Wind” 8*M

     DS: *B Thunder-Run Irish “Icedancer”

D: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

     DD: Tim-Tam California Magic

Eldon is the sire of GCH Winterberry, the ’04 National Champion (back when the Sables were recorded grades).  His daughters are long, tall, and sharp and dairy. Very easy to milk, as well.

LA: 7-04  88  VEE|AC1080609|M

Semen Available 5/$150

++*B GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Silverado

Silver Brown Chamoise

     SS: +*B Washoe – Zephyr Carumba

S: ++*B Des-Ruhigestelle Leonard

     SD: SGCH Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leah Anne 2*M

     DS:++*B GCH Rio Del Oro’s Snolad

D: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Eleme 7*M

     DD: GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Equipoise 6*M

LA: 7-05  91  EEE|AC1128683|M

Sire of SGCH Klisse’s DRS Cocoa Puff, ’07 National Champion. Silver’s daughters are big and have well-attached udders, but sometimes the rear udders are lower than their dams. He can throw white.

27 Straws of semen available, 5/$150

+B Talache’s CMD Allyn

Silver Gray Chamoise

     SS: +*B Colquitt’s Jacob

S: Cherrypines Moose Drool

     SD: Cherrypines Luvy Lips

     DS: ++*B North Coast Jaison Collin

D: Talache’s Otis

     DD: Talache’s Sacheen

LA: 5-05  90  EEE

He does best bred to coarse, heavy does that need refining and milk.|AC1201677|M

Semen Available 5/$150

*B Acres-of-Goats Almond Roca


     SS:+B Acres-of-goats EFS Victory

S: *B CH Acres-of-Goats V Marvel

     SD: Milkmaster My Oh Mindi 6*M

     DS: +*B Acres-of-Goats OMM Starman

D: GCH Acres-of-Goats S Divinity

     DD: Acres-of-Goats CPW Dlphinia

LA: 4-07  88  VEE|AC1257170|M

See daughter, SGCH Oreo and son, Chip

 21 Straws of semen available 5/$125


*B Klisse’s TE Passion of Hope

Belted Black with Red Highlights

     SS: +*B Talache’s Windward

S: +*B Talache’s Eldon

     SD: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

     DS: ++*B GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Silverado

D: GCH Klisse’s DRS Happiness of Hope 5*M

     DD: SGCH Klisse’s DD Saga of Hope 4*M

LA: 3-01  86  +EV|AC1338337|M

10 Straws of semen available 5/$100


*B Klisse’s LLB Bobwhite

Cou Blanc

     SS: Loughlin’s Perfect Sir Pryze

S:  SG ++*B Loughlin’s Leroy Brown

     SD: CH Loughlin’s A Lot of Mercy

     DS: SG ++*B Gold Seal Moon Shadow

D: GCH Klisse’s GSMS Sandia 5*M LA 91

     DD: Klisse’s NL Hostess Snowball 4*M

LA: 3-03 82 +++|AC1372403|M

Top picture is his dam, SGCH Sandia. She was the ’01 Reserve National Champion (as a recorded grade), bottom pic is daughter, GCH Klisse’s KBW Ray of Hope.

 9 straws of semen available 5/$12


*B Klisse’s AOGAR Chocolate Chip

Solid Chocolate

     SS: *B CH Acres-of-Goats V Marvel

S: *B Acres-of-Goats Almond Roca

     SD: GCH Acres-of-Goats S Divinity *M

     DS: Talache’s Scout

D: SGCH Klisse’s TS Chocolate Raisin 8*M

     DD: GCH des-Ruhigestelle True Colors 7*M

LA: 5-07 VVE 88|AC1367337|M

Chip has been used quite a bit and has three permanent champion (one is SGCH) but I think the majority of his offspring weren’t shown. His litter sister (they were out of quadruplets) is SGCH Klisse’s AOGAR Oreo 8*M.

Semen Available 5/$125

Grace09 (1)

*B Klisse’s TE Guardian of Hope AI


SS: +*B Talache’s Windward

S: +*B Talache’s Eldon

SD: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

DS: +B Talache’s CMD Allyn

D: GCH Klisse’s TA Grace of Hope 5*M

DD: SGCH Klisse’s DD Saga of Hope 4*M|AC1522290|M

One Grand Champion Leg. His daughters are small but very correct with well attached, shapely udders.  Dam GCH Grace is pictured above.

10 Straws of semen available 5/$125

3 thoughts on “Semen Available

  1. Heather Rosenberg

    I am interested in AI my Sable does. I am in Northern California, have a small herd of 5 does. We show at the County, State and local shows. Since Sables are a bit harder to find I am checking out my options.

    Thanks so much,
    Heather Rosenberg
    530-526-2905 cell

    1. sabledg Post author

      If I have plenty of notice (like for this coming year) I have a shipper tank available to me (it is three hours away each way) that can be used to ship semen I do have plenty of bucks collected- just need to know your preferences as to what you need and want.


    Hello! I am interested in purchasing 10 straws from you. 5 from SG *B Klisse’s TE Masterpiece of Hope  and 5 from ++*B GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Silverado. Are you coming to the 2019 ADGA Convention? If so I could pick them up there. Please get in touch with me Thank you!


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