Semen Available










+*B Talache’s Eldon

Black with Red Highlights

     SS: ++*B Thunder Run’s Irish Justice

S: +*B Talache’s Windward

     SD: Thunder-Run “South Wind” 8*M

     DS: *B Thunder-Run Irish “Icedancer”

D: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

     DD: Tim-Tam California Magic

Eldon is the sire of GCH Winterberry, the ’04 National Champion (back when the Sables were recorded grades).

LA: 7-04  88  VEE

Semen Available 5/$125


++*B GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Silverado

Silver Brown Chamoise

     SS: +*B Washoe – Zephyr Carumba

S: ++*B Des-Ruhigestelle Leonard

     SD: SGCH Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leah Anne 2*M

     DS:++*B GCH Rio Del Oro’s Snolad

D: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Eleme 7*M

     DD: GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Equipoise 6*M

LA: 7-05  91  EEE

Sire of SGCH Klisse’s DRS Cocoa Puff, ’07 National Champion.

27 Straws of semen available, 5/$125


+B Talache’s CMD Allyn

Silver Gray Chamoise

     SS: +*B Colquitt’s Jacob

S: Cherrypines Moose Drool

     SD: Cherrypines Luvy Lips

     DS: ++*B North Coast Jaison Collin

D: Talache’s Otis

     DD: Talache’s Sacheen

LA: 5-05  90  EEE

He does best bred to coarse, heavy does that need refining and milk.


Semen Available 5/$125


*B Acres-of-Goats Almond Roca


     SS:+B Acres-of-goats EFS Victory

S: *B CH Acres-of-Goats V Marvel

     SD: Milkmaster My Oh Mindi 6*M

     DS: +*B Acres-of-Goats OMM Starman

D: GCH Acres-of-Goats S Divinity

     DD: Acres-of-Goats CPW Dlphinia

LA: 4-07  88  VEE

See daughter, SGCH Oreo and son, Chip

 21 Straws of semen available 5/$125










*B Klisse’s TE Passion of Hope

Belted Black with Red Highlights

     SS: +*B Talache’s Windward

S: +*B Talache’s Eldon

     SD: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

     DS: ++*B GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Silverado

D: GCH Klisse’s DRS Happiness of Hope 5*M

     DD: SGCH Klisse’s DD Saga of Hope 4*M

LA: 3-01  86  +EV

See daughter, Lark on the Sable senior does 5 & over page. Pictured is his dam, GCH Happy.

10 Straws of semen available 5/$100









*B Klisse’s LLB Bobwhite

Cou Blanc

     SS: Loughlin’s Perfect Sir Pryze

S:  SG ++*B Loughlin’s Leroy Brown

     SD: CH Loughlin’s A Lot of Mercy

     DS: SG ++*B Gold Seal Moon Shadow

D: GCH Klisse’s GSMS Sandia 5*M LA 91

     DD: Klisse’s NL Hostess Snowball 4*M

LA: 3-03 82 +++

Pictured his dam, SGCH Sandia. She was the ’01 Reserve National Champion (as a recorded grade).

 9 straws of semen available 5/$100




SG *B Klisse’s TE Masterpiece of Hope


     SS: +*B Talache’s Windward

S: +*B Talache’s Eldon

     SD: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

     DS: SG ++*B Gold Seal Moon Shadow

D: SGCH Klisse’s GSMS Triumph of Hope 3*M LA 93, 50xBIS,4xNat’lChamp

     DD: GCH Klisse’s Glimmer of Hope 2*M

Two Grand Champion Legs, one time Best In Show. See dam SGCH Triumph’s photo on the Home page.

Show: 1xBIS, 4xBOB, 6xGCH, 6xResCh

LA: 6-05 VEE 90

Semen Available 5/$125

*B Klisse’s AOGAR Chocolate Chip

Solid Chocolate

     SS: *B CH Acres-of-Goats V Marvel

S: *B Acres-of-Goats Almond Roca

     SD: GCH Acres-of-Goats S Divinity *M

     DS: Talache’s Scout

D: SGCH Klisse’s TS Chocolate Raisin 8*M

     DD: GCH des-Ruhigestelle True Colors 7*M

LA: 5-07 VVE 88

Chip’s litter sister is SGCH Oreo, now 9 years old and still going strong.  We have his daughter, Drift, who is a pretty doe, as well.

Semen Available 5/$125

Grace09 (1)







*B Klisse’s TE Guardian of Hope AI


SS: +*B Talache’s Windward

S: +*B Talache’s Eldon

SD: GCH Talache’s Ice Magic “Elmira” *M

DS: +B Talache’s CMD Allyn

D: GCH Klisse’s TA Grace of Hope 5*M

DD: SGCH Klisse’s DD Saga of Hope 4*M

One Grand Champion Leg. His daughters are small but very correct with well attached, shapely udders. See daughter, Nightmare, on the Sable 4 & under page. Dam GCH Grace is pictured above.

10 Straws of semen available 5/$125


2 thoughts on “Semen Available

  1. Heather Rosenberg

    I am interested in AI my Sable does. I am in Northern California, have a small herd of 5 does. We show at the County, State and local shows. Since Sables are a bit harder to find I am checking out my options.

    Thanks so much,
    Heather Rosenberg
    530-526-2905 cell

    1. sabledg Post author

      If I have plenty of notice (like for this coming year) I have a shipper tank available to me (it is three hours away each way) that can be used to ship semen I do have plenty of bucks collected- just need to know your preferences as to what you need and want.


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