Sable Bucks

                                                                      SG +*B Klisse’s KPOH Ammon                                                                     3/27/13; broken black, red highlights                                                            S:GCH ++*B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope                                                    D:SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Leah 4*M                                                                       LA: 5-04 VVE 88|AC1645683|M                                                                                                     Ammon’s offspring are really doing well- he has several that have finished, as well as many with LA scores of 90 as two and three year olds. Ammon’s daughters are slow to come into milk as first fresheners, but just give them time- they are TOTALLY worth it! I am using him heavily this year as it might be his last. Semen available 5/$150  DNA VERIFIED

                                                                                     *B Klisse’s KCH Kingfisher                                                                                                               2/28/2015; black                                                                                                                                              S: CH *B Klisse’s TA Chocolate Haystack AI                                                                                              D: GCH Klisse’s KPOH Lark *M                                                                                                                      LA: 3-05 ++E 82|AC1741578|M                                                                                                                                    King’s sire has been very prepotent for shapely udders, so we’ll see what he can do. He is from a set of quads, which seems to be highly heritable. He was used in the Whimsical Kids herd several years ago, and his yearling daughter was 1st/1st udder yearling at the ’17 National Show. Semen 5/$125 DNA VERIFIED

*B Klisse’s KCH Doom of Hope                                                                                                              3/07/2015; broken black                                                                                                                                S: CH *B Klisse’s TA Chocolate Haystack                                                                                                     D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN CatastropheofHope 6*M                                                                                      LA: 3-04 ++V 84|AC1741576|M                                                                                                                                           Doom’s dam, Cat, is our best producer right now, and is a tall rangy doe with a Holstein like udder. We were hoping for does with this cross and got two bucks instead. We are hoping that Doom will throw his dam’s size and milk and the stylishness of his sire. He himself is tall and rangy like his dam. He has several fresh daughters, Young and Cornel are Sables, and Sassy is a grade out of Sash, our Alpine. I really like the udders on all three, but Young needs more rear leg angulation to show well. He has two champion legs. Semen 5/$150 DNA VERIFIED

CH *B Ober-D’Rainbow Fudge Bar

4/04/2015; broken sundgau, POLLED                                                                                                         S: *B Willow Lane Akiiki                                                                                                                                   D: Joash PRB Chocolate Cookie 13*M (out of Éclair, the ’15 National Champion)                           LA: 3-03 VEE 90   |AC1730303|M                                                                                                             

           Fudge is a huge buck for his age. Even though his dam and granddam are small, the rest of the animals on the dam’s side are quite big. Eclair’s dam is my doe Klisse’s KLOH ChocolateTruffle, who then goes back eventually to BonBon, who was enormous. We have used him on several of the mature does and at least one of the kids. About half of his kids should be polled. So far Toni (Catatonia) is his only fresh daughter, and while not fancy, is pretty correct. We have another polled daughter out of Cat that will be left dry. Semen 5/$125 DNA VERIFIED

*B Klisse’s SSCN Cocoa Cheesecake

5/04/2015; sundgau                                                                                                                                     S: *B Silver-Sage KNOH CocoaNapoleon                                                                                                   D: SGCH Klisse’s AOGAR Oreo 9*M                                                                                                 Cheesecake is small, but we are hoping that this will be a good cross- to add length to the dam’s line and keep the udder shape and production, since is it a little bit of a line breeding (Napoleon’s maternal granddam and Oreo are maternal half-sisters.) He is currently being used in the Gotta Lovem herd in Colorado.

GCH *B Talache’s Fortune

2/9/16; sungau                                                                                                                                               S: +B Pindell’s ONF Road Base                                                                                                                       D: SGCH Klisse’s KOOH Fifth Avenue 11*M                                                                                                 LA: 2-05 VEE 90|AC1775989|M                                                                                                                              Fortune is long and tall, and is filling out well. His daughters are long and tall and several of them have earned their dry legs several times over. With very few exceptions, all of his udders are very well attached. He has two finished daughters already as 2 year olds, and look for more this coming year. He was shown 12 times last fall and was BIS 8 of those! Semen 5/$150 DNA VERIFIED

CH *B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                                                                                          4/9/16; belted sungau, red highlights                                                                                                                  S: SG +*B Klisse’s KPOH Ammon                                                                                                                           D:SGCH Klisse’s KOOH ChocolateCupcake 9*M                                                                                                     LA: 3-03 VEE 90|AC1818792|M    Ant is a very correct buck, and his daughters are freshening very well with very typey udders. Cocoa was the third place yearling milker with 1st udder at the ’19 Nationals, and I can’t wait to see how Celosia does as a second freshener. Not lots of milk as yearlings, but proportionate for their size. We will have more freshening this coming spring. Semen 5/$150  DNA VERIFIED

CH *B Klisse’s PRB Joshua AI                                                                                                                                 2/13/2017; sungau                                                                                                                                       S: +B Pindell’s  ONF Road Base                                                                                                                      D: Klisse’s KCH Damaris 5*M                                                                                                                           LA: 1-05 VV+ 87                                                                                               |AC1896291|M

Joshua finished as a yearling last year, and is a very correct buck. He has several fresh yearling daughters, and I love them both. One is Sashimi, an experimental, who has 2 legs as a yearling, and was 1st/1st udder yearling milker RG at the ’19 Nationals. The other is Jenny (Jennifer), out of Andrew, who has placed consistently well throughout the show season. Since Fortune was having problems breeding does early in the season, we have used Joshua very heavily, so that should proof him out fairly well. DNA VERIFIED

                                                                                    CH Klisse’s SSG Riot of Hope                                                                                                                       3/06/2017, white with black head: PUREBRED                                                                                         S: Sweepstakes Sandman Grit                                                                                                                    D: SG Klisse’s KNOH Misery of Hope 7*M                                                                                                      LA: 1-04 VVV 85                                                                                            |PC1896292|M

Riot is big and gangly, but we have freshened his first daughter, Peanut, and her udder is much nicer than her dam’s. We will have more Riot daughters freshen next year to give us a better idea of what he does. DNA VERIFIED

                                                                                     *B Klisse’s KA Bass of Hope                                                                                                                           3/08/2017; broken sundgau with red highlights                                                                                        S:  SG +*B Klisse’s KA Ammon                                                                                                                      D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Carillon of Hope 7*M                                                                                         LA: 1-04 +VV 82                                                                       |AC1896293|M

Bass wasn’t used much and was leased out over in Illinois last year, so his first kids will be born this spring. He is on the posty side, like his sire, but he is the only offspring I have out of his dam, SGCH Cari, so I will put up with it till he either passes or fails on his own. DNA VERIFIED

*B Klisse’s KHB Revel                                                                                                                                    3/10/2017; broken chocolate; PUREBRED                                                                                                  S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KNOH Hawthorne Berry                                                                                              D: GCH Klisse’s KPOH Toblerone 10*M                                                                                         |PC1896294|M

Revel has four daughters out of four different does, and they are all really correct and stylish. DNA VERIFIED

                                                      Strike’s  dam, GCH Ray

*B Klisse’s KCA LightStrikeofHope                                                                                                            2/06/2018; sundgau with red highlights                                                                                                      S: CH *B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant                                                                                                                D: GCH Klisse’s KBW Ray of Hope 5*M                                                                                         |PC1973806|M

Strike has just returned after spending the last two years in the Whimsical Kids herd. He had his coming out party at the ’20 Autumn Romance Show and finished in the first 3 rings, as well as going 4xBOB and 3xBIS over the weekend.  I love how his twin sister has turned out (she got mastitis and not the best pic of her), so I have high hopes for him. I really liked his dam, Ray, who was sharp and dairy. DNA VERIFIED

                                                                                       *B Klisse’s SOZF Isaac                                                                                                                                     3/12/2018; sundgau; b allele carrier                                                                                                              S: *B Springfield-Oaks CG Zorro Faro                                                                                                          D: Klisse’s TF Shiloh 4*M                                                                                                                         LA: 1-04 +EV 85                                                                                 |AC1971529|M

Since Isaac is a b allele carrier for the casein gene, we were hoping he would pass that on. His only daughter left in the herd, Sasanqua, doesn’t have it, but she is big and stylish like her dam, Sashimi. We have used Isaac more heavily this breeding season. He is small, like his sire, but built more like his dam, Shiloh. He has one CH leg. DNA TYPED (Side note: although we owned Isaac’s sire, Zorro, I never got him DNA typed. We did have him tested for the b allele, as well as all of his offspring. Isaac shares this trait with his sire.)

*B Klisse’s KOOH Pilgrim of Hope                                                                                                                4/12/2018; silver chamoise                                                                                                                        S: GCH +*B Klisse’s  LLB Odyssey of Hope                                                                                                  D: Klisse’s TA Allegiance of Hope 6*M                                                                                                                    LA: 1-03 +V+ 83                                                                                   |AC1973805|M

Pilgrim was my chance to have an Od son, since he outlived all of his sons. We are using him some this fall to see what he does, but since he’s a “silver”, he can throw white. His daughter from this year, Time Out, is just now getting her facial stripes. DNA TYPED

                                                                                     *B Klisse’s KG Daniel                                                                                                                                     1/31/2019; dark brown chamoise                                                                                                                S: *B Klisse’s TH Geranium                                                                                                                          D: GCH Klisse’s KD Judith 4*M                                                                                         |AC2014016|M

Daniel is so much nicer (in conformation and temperament) that his sire, Geri. He is long and tall like his dam, Judith, and he will have a horde of kids this next spring, from both first fresheners and some older does. DNA VERIFIED

*B Nut-N-Honey TCT Tonka                                                                                                                        2/23/19; sundgau                                                                                                                                         S: *B Talache’s Chancellor                                                                                                                              D: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Tori 2*M|AC2009026|M

Tonka is a new buck this fall, from Patti Black, who said she wanted me to proof him out, so that when people talked about the Nut-N-Honey buck, she could say she bred him.:-) I needed another young buck to get the coming yearlings bred after a few bumps happened, and his first kids will be due sometime after the middle of March (his harem is getting pen bred). DNA TYPED

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  1. Mary Brewer

    I am interested in a doe kid, I have listed my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of does.
    SGCH Klisse’s KOOH Chocolate Cupcake 9*M
    SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Castastrope of Hope 6*M
    GCH Klissel’s KNOH Cantilena of Hope 8*M


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