Sable Senior Does 3 Years Old


Rhapsody15Rhapsodyru15 Pic taken as a yearling

Klisse’s KOOH Rhapsody of Hope 8*M

2/28/2014, Light bay chamoisee

S: GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope                                                                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Carillon of Hope 7*M

Milk: 1-00 246 1736 56 48

Rhapsody took a year off after aborting and being cystic. She is now an enormous doe like the majority of her paternal sisters and we can’t wait to show her this year. She has a high, wide rear udder that is very capacious and easy to milk.



  Klisse’s KPOH Jerusha 5*M

3/07/14; light golden bay chamoisee

S: GCH *B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope                                                                                                       D: GCH Klisse’s KD Judith of Hope 4*M

LA: 2-03 EEVE 90             Milk: 2-00 235 1619 49 43                     Lifetime milk: 452 2724 85 75

Jerusha is a beautiful doe. She has recovered from her eye injury, and has a beautiful udder to match her body.


Klisse’s NSNN Valor of Hope 7*M AI

3/13/2014, Broken black, red highlights

S: SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night                                                                                                         D: Klisse’s TA Allegiance of Hope 6*M AI

LA: 2-03 VE+V 88                    Milk: 2-00 218 1602 50 39

Valor is a full genetic sister to Carillon and while we were excited for Gia to settle to Night, we were really hoping for a BUCK! She was a very pretty kid, and is very growthy as is typical of the Night offspring. Valor has two champion legs.



Klisse’s TH Dianthus *M

4/03/2014, Light cou blanc

S: *B Talache’s Hagan AI                                                                                                                             D: Klisse’s DRE Fern Berry

LA: 2-02 VEVE 90                      Milk: 1-10 275 1716 50 44

Dian is a really stylish kid, and another 1st generation Sable. She is small but very correct. Her dam, Fern, lineared a 90 as a 3 year old 2nd freshener.                                                                   Dian was bred to Fortune and is due 2/10. 2 Does: One Available, your choice


Klisse’s KOOH Horror of Hope *M

4/03/2014, Sungau

 S: GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope                                                                                                D: Klisse’s KGOH Nightmare of Hope

LA: 2-02 VV+V 86                    Milk: 1-11 232 1555 53 45

Horror is a nice doe, kind of average at this point, but with her sire’s calm, loving temperament as opposed to her dam’s wild flightiness.

Klisse’s KOOH Chocolate Gelato

4/06/2014, Bay chamoisee

S: GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope                                                                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s KMOH Almond Joy 10*M AI

Her twin sister, Nutella, owned by Sam Carr, MS, and was the 2nd/2nd udder two year old at the ’16 National Show. Gela is now a three year old second freshener, and while large, as is typical of the Od daughters, and having a well-shaped udder, it lacks the capacity to match her stature.




Klisse’s KPOH Powerhouse Bar

Reddish bay chamoisee

S: GCH *B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope                                                                                                     D: Klisse’s KOOH 100 Grand Bar 11*M

LA: 2-02 +VAV 84                        Milk: 1-10 274 1495 52 43

Power is a little on the small side, but smooth and dairy. Her udder is smoothly attached and capacious.


Klisse’s KRB Tangerine Berry

4/20/2014, Silver gray chamiosee

S: *B Klisse’s KNOH Rowan Berry                                                                                                             D:  Klisse’s KMOH Mahonia Berry

Tanger has earned her dry leg and didn’t settle as a two year old. She is confirmed bred, so she will be a first freshening 3 year old like Torte. Tanger has a pretty, globular udder with a tight medial and plumb teats.  She is bred to Ammon and due on 3/6. Single doe $400


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