Sable Senior Does, 6 to 8 Years Old



SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Catastrophe of Hope 6*M

1/25/11, Broken sungau

S: SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night                                                                                                       D: GCH Klisse’s TA Grace of Hope 5*M

Cat was named this as I was totally unprepared for her, forgetting that I had pen bred a bunch of does in August! Cat is very tall and dairy, and was the 1st pl. Senior kid at the national show last year, as well as being part of the 1st pl. Jr. Get of Sire! Cat freshened beyond our wildest dreams- besides being long and tall (she’s the same size as some of the three and four year olds), her udder would make a Holstein happy! She got 2 milking legs as a yearling as well, and finished at the first show of the year. She ended the show season undefeated in her age group. Cat was 3rd pl/1st udder 2 year old and ended up going Reserve Udder for the Sables in ’13!!! Last year Cat was again milking well, and placed 2nd/2nd udder 5&6 year old behind Crinkle. Even though she wasn’t selected to be milked out, she still got an honorable mention from the judges on her udder shape and capacity. Cat was also the Total Performer Sable in 2016 and won the high lactation milk and fat awards.

LA: 5-05 EEEE 90                Milk: 4-01 298 3836 140 101                Lifetime: 1327 14144 492 367       Cat is bred to CH *B Klisse’s TA Chocolate Ant and is due 4/10. 2nd doe/bucks $750

Klisse’s NSNN Joanna 3*M

2/8/11, Broken sungau

S: SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night                                                                                                         D: GCH Klisse’s DRS Susanna 2*M

LA: 5-04 EVEV 90     Milk: 3-00 222 1881 68 49       Lifetime: 634 4714 160 124 (on half an udder)

Joanna is a big strapping doe, like all of Night’s daughters and was res. champion at one of the shows we went to.  She freshened with the now typical Night udder, but it only came in on one side, so she was treated and dried to try again this year. Joanna is a recorded grade, but will have 1st generation American doelings (see daughter GCH Judith in our herd and daughter Huldah in the Kickapoo Valley herd in IL, who was the 1st/1st udder 2 year old at the ’16 Nationals), as well as being the 2017 National Champion/Best Udder! She is turning out to be an excellent brood doe.                                                                                                                                        Nothing available


  SGCH Klisse’s NSNN ChocolateCrinkle 10*M

2/16/11, Sungau with red highlights

S: SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night                                                                                                              D: SGCH Klisse’s KOOH ChocolateCupcake 9*M

LA: 6-06 EEEE 91           Milk: 4-00 316 3120 110 86                 Lifetime: 1654 14139 479 328 ip

Crinkle’s been our star baby – she was our Spotlight nomination, but we had my mom buy her back since the sale prices were so low.  Many people said she was the nicest animal in the sale, including other Sale kid owners! She quite easily earned her dry leg at the IN State Fair, and was the 2nd pl. Senior kid at the national show, as well as being part of the 1st pl. Junior Get of Sire! She freshened with a beautiful udder, lots of rear udder height and width, with excellent foreudder extension. Crinkle paid us back by being the 1st/2nd udder yearling milker and undefeated at shows when Cat wasn’t being shown. Crinkle didn’t disappoint when she freshened, and was 1st/2nd udder 2 year old at the ’13 Nationals. Crinkle was once again 1st in the 4 yr old class in ’15, with 2nd udder. Woohoo! Crinkle brought out her big guns this year and not only was the 1st/1st udder 5&6 year old, but also the 2016 National Champion with Best Udder!!! We have retained her son by Nimbus as well as her son by Ammon as herdsires. For the first time ever since Sables have sanctioned at the IN State Fair, we won GCH Senior doe with Crinkle shortly after her BIS win at the WI State Fair!! Her daughter by Ammon, Cream Egg, was the Junior champion Sable at IN, as well.


SGCH Gotta Lovem Baby Doe *M                                        3/22/11, Sungau                                                                                                                                        S: SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night                                                                                                            D: Gotta Lovem Jewel

LA: 6-05 VEEE 91                Milk: 5-00 243 2514 96 71                       Lifetime: 915 7862 306 224

Baby Doe was a gift from Pam and Steve Gripp, and she is doing marvelously in our show string. She is being dried early to try and get some weight on, and we really like her daughter, Ayrika. Baby Doe is looking better with each freshening, but is extremely dairy. She was the 2nd pl/1st udder 4 yr old in Redmond. She finished by going Grand at the ’15 Wisconsin State Fair.                     Not bred


GCH Klisse’s KOOH Icon of Hope *M

4/18/11, Silver brown chamoisee, wattles

S:GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope                                                                                                   D: Klisse’s KEB Pattern of Hope

LA: 6-05 VEEV 89          Milk: 3-11 199 1677 49 40            Lifetime: 1075 7808 235 192

Icon is a tall, long doe who is very deep and wide. She is enormous for her age and well filled out. She was the 6th pl 2 year old  at the ’13 Nationals. She tore something in her shoulder this summer right before nationals and will now be a brood doe, exclusively.                                                Icon is bred to *B Silver-Sage KA Chocolate Syrup and is due 2/24. 2nd doe, $550


GCH Klisse’s KD Judith 4*M

4/10/2012, Bay chamoisee, white spots on face

S: *B Klisse’s KOOHIdntwnthsnite2end                                                                                                     D: Klisse’s NSNN Joanna 3*M

LA: 4-02 EEVE 90                Milk: 2-10 305 2746 91 80                         Lifetime: 1030 8822 293 252

Judith is long, tall, and very dairy with a shapely well-attached udder. She was the 4th pl yearling milker in ’13 at Nationals. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite does, looking better as the year goes on. She freshened this year with quadruplets and looks really nice. She milked over 17 lbs on her first test this spring. She finished at her first show out in ’16, LA’ed well, and then got a persistent mastitis that has left her uneven at this point. I have three milking daughters that I love, and have kept another from last year to stay in the herd.                                                           Judith is bred to *B Klisse’s TH Geranium and born 1/31. Triplet bucks, one available,  broken brown cou blanc $600



GCH Gotta Lovem Goblin *M

3/16/2013, toggy

S: Laramie Peak Traveler                                                                                                                             D: Middle-Earth Cassiopea

LA: 4-05 EEEE 91                Milk: 3-00 2431 95 72                Lifetime milk: 968 7034 263 200 ip

We very rarely add does to the herd, but friends Pam and Steve Gripp needed to cut back for health reasons, and they let us have Goblin and her two sisters. She has placed first in all of her classes this year except at nationals and the IN state fair, where she was 2nd. I was doing research on her sire, and found out that he goes back to a breeding I did from my purebred Saanen buck, ++*B Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leapold many years ago! This year she was able to be shown at nationals with no mistakes, and she was 3rd/3rd udder, right behind Salome and Tobi.                 Goblin is bred to *B Klisse’s SSG Riot and is due 2/07. Triplets, tog buck available $500


SGCH Klisse’s KPOH Salome 5*M

3/27/2013, Broken black

 S: GCH +*B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope                                                                                                    D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Leah 4*M

LA: 4-05 EEEE 91              Milk: 2-11 287 2848 94 75                     Lifetime milk: 781 7328 253 201

Salome looks like she should be a Nimbus kid, but that’s understandable since his maternal granddam is Nimbus’ sister, and they are both heavily linebred on Talache’s Eldon.  She was shown at Nationals and placed 6th.  She is tall, long and very dairy. She earned her dry leg many times over.  Salome was not only the 1st pl/1st udder 2 year old, she was the Reserve National Champion!!!! She also was BIS in the 4-H ring at the Indiana State Fair in 2015, as well. Her first show out was the national one, where she once again was 1st/1st udder in her class, and while she was not picked for grand or reserve, she was in contention and was one of the four does milked out for best udder. She was again first in her class at the national show in ’16, with first udder. Salome got mastitis this summer and we hopefully got it cleared up so she freshens well.     Twins, nothing available




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  1. Kai

    I love the Solid Chocolate doe (Toblerone!)
    I had a doeling that I just fell in love with that had that coloration who unfortunately passed on, I would love to have another like that at some point! How common is that with Sables?


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