Sable Senior Does 8 Years and Older

SGCH Klisse’s KOOH Chocolate Cupcake 9*M

4/16/2007, Togg markings with red cheeks

S: GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope                                                                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s TE Chocolate Raisin 8*M

Cupcake is following her family in show wins and milk production, and came home from the ’11 National Show with the Reserve National Champion/Reserve Udder win and was the ’13 National Champion/Best Udder, as well as being the Total Performer for the Sable breed for 4 of the last 5 years! She is the youngest sister of SGCH Klisse’s DRS Cocoa Puff 9*M, the ’07 National Champion.  She was BUIS at the NE State Fair in ’10. Her ’11 daughter, Crinkle, was the ’11 Spotlight Sale Sable entry and also the 1st pl yearling milker at the ’12 Nationals and the 1st pl 2 year old in ’13, as well as earning her SGCH and the 2016 National Champion with Best & Udder!!!! This past year we let Cupcake take the year off, so she was left at home to have a vacation.

Show: 4xBOB, 6xGCH, 8xResCh

LA: 8-02 EEEE 92                     Milk: 3-10 291 3060 104 88                  Lifetime: 1990 16641 541 466




GCH  Klisse’s KBW Ray of Hope 5*M

4/06/2009, Cou Blanc, red cheeks

S: *B Klisse’s LLB Bobwhite                                                                                                                         D: Klisse’s TE Luster of Hope 4*M

LA: 6-02 VEEE 90                Milk: 3-11 287 2245 77 58                         Lifetime: 1553 11986 427 311

Ray is a pretty doe with the nicest udder of all the yearlings that freshened that year.  She reminds me quite a bit of her paternal granddam, Sandia, who was also a small dairy yearling.  She shows best with not more than 12-14 hrs of milk in her udder.   Ray was 2nd/2nd udder 4 year old in ’15 at Nationals and was the 1st/1st udder aged doe in ’16. Ray finished last year, finally, and we are so happy!

Ray is bred to *B Silver-Sage KA Chocolate Ant for early February kids. Sungau Buck with red highlights $500


Klisse’s TA Allegiance of Hope 6*M AI

2/28/2010, Silver gray chamoisee

S: +B Talache’s CMD Allyn                                                                                                                           D: GCH Klisse’s TE Liberty of Hope 5*M

Gia ended up placing 3rd in a large yearling milker class at the ’11 Nationals.  She did fairly well 2 years ago, as well and was the 12th pl. 2 year old last year. Like her twin, she needs a longer foreudder to compete at this stage. She is an excellent AI doe, so we will be using her for those breedings we can’t do live anymore. Her two year old daughter, Valor, was the 3rd/2nd udder in her age group this year and earned two milking legs as a first freshener, so Gia is doing what is needed.

Gia has been AI’ed to GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope, and is confirmed pregnant. 2nd buck $500

LA: 5-04 VVVV 88                     Milk: 2-02 1688 46 43                            Lifetime: 1166 7764 241 205


Klisse’s KEOHLantanaCamaraBery *M

3/24/10, Belted Light Golden Bay Chamoisee

S: SG ++*B Klisse’s DD Epic of Hope                                                                                                         D: Klisse’s NSNN Cascara Berry

Lant was the 7th pl. yearling milker at Nationals in ’11. Lant was the 3rd pl. 2 year old in ’12 at Nationals and earned one milking leg during the show season.  She is very sharp and dairy, and very correct except for teats that are not plumb from the rear. Lant has two full grand champion legs.

LA: 5-03 VEEV 88               Milk: 3-00 262 2233 70 60                          Lifetime: 1427 10519 351 278

Lant was bred to *B Klisse’s KCH Doom of Hope for early March kids. Light golden bay chamoisee doe available $450


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