For Sale

I already have orders placed for more show milkers than I can fill right now, so don’t bother asking. Sorry! I do have some family milkers that are not quite show quality, like Eden, and I have one more possible that I am still debating on that is a year  old.

I will start kidding the end of January, with the bulk of the first fresheners in March, when I will have any family milkers available.

We have quite a few doe kids available and a couple of buck kids right now. Most of these should be national show quality.  The yearlings are freshening very nicely with LOTS of doe kids (at least, the ones that were bred to Daniel- the Tonka ones are just starting), so this is a chance to pick up something with lots of potential for a lower price. I don’t have pics of the kids yet, but can take them if you are interested. Unless otherwise stated, kids listed are Sable.

Belted sungau doe, polled, out of Toni and Daniel, born 2/03/20. Slightly smaller than her twin but still a nice doe. $450

*GRADE, but will have American Sables if bred Sable* Sundgau doe, Adenium, out of Paper and Daniel, born 2/06/20. $350 She will be a solid doe, but probably nothing fancy. $400

Saanen, white doe, Trillium, out of Tulip and Tator, born 2/28/20. This little girl should grow up quite large with a very well attached, capacious mammary. Tulip only needs one more leg, and after having quadruplets this year, should have this in the proverbial bag. $500

Silver chamoisee doe out of Sun and Pilgrim, born 2/28/20. She will be a medium sized doe, should be fairly correct and good for show. I have retained one of her sisters to stay in the herd. $450

Broken sungau doe out of Tedium and Daniel, born 3/05/20. She should be good for county fair level at the minimum. $350

Broken black buck out of SGCH Valor and CH Joshua, born 3/07/20.  He should be prepotent for show and have decent milk. $750

2 very light bay (tan ears, black around the eyes) does out of Lime and Daniel, born 3/07/20. I sold their dam for teats that pointed out, as opposed to her sister, Yuzu, that has plumb teats. Everything else was very similar. $350

Sungau doe out of Moonpie and Tonka, born 3/13/20. $350

Light bay chamoisee doe out of Cornel and CH Joshua, born 4/04/20. Cornel was sold because of complications with mastitis. $350

Broken black with red highlights doe, out of GCH Apple and CH Ant, born 4/15/20. She should be a big girl when mature with lots of milk and a nice udder. $500