For Sale


Buck kid out of:
S: *B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant
D: GCH Klisse’s KBW Ray of Hope 5*M LA 6-02 VEEE 90

Born: 2/06/18
Color: Sundgau with red highlights
Ray was the first place aged doe at the 2016 National Show in Harrisburg, PA. Both sides of this pedigree are packed with animals that have shown extraordinarily well. Both of Ray’s granddam have national show titles, as well as Ant’s dam, granddam and maternal sister. Almost all of the animals have mature LA scores of 90 or higher. His sister is being retained.
Priced at $500

One doe and one buck out of:
S: *B Klisse’s PRB Joshua
D: Klisse’s KDC Andrew 2*M LA 2-06 VE+V 87

Born: 2/10/18
Color: (doe) sungau, (buck) broken black
Andrew is one of our best three year olds, with a lovely flat topline and well-attached shapely with a high wide rear udder. Her dam is an SGCH doe, Baby Doe, and her sire is linebred on SGCH Klisse’s GSMS Triumph of Hope (4xNational Champion, LA 93, 50+BIS wins). Joshua is an AI kid out of Pindell’s ONF Road Base, sire of Akaiberry, the ’15 National Champion. Joshua’s dam line is long, tall and powerful, combining both milk and show. Andrew should finish this year easily, as she was in contention last year several times for grand champion. We are retaining the other doe kid.
Both are price at $500

One buck out of:
S: *B Talache’s Fortune
D: GCH Klisse’s KPOH Toblerone 10*M LA 3-02 EEEE 91

Born: 2/15/18
Color: (1st) Toggy with red highlights (2nd) Sundgau loaded with red highlights
Tobi is a small, fancy doe who has competed well at the national shows: both time as a milker, she has placed 2nd/2nd udder behind SGCH Klisse’s KPOH Salome. This is a slight linebreeding on the “Chocolate” line, but it is LOADED with show and milk! These bucks should be very prepotent for both.
Priced at $500 each

Doe out of:
S: *B Talache’s Fortune
D: Klisse’s KOOH Gelato 11*M LA 3-04 VVVV 87

Born: 2/16/18
Color: Choice of sungau or bay chamoisee
Gelato is a massive doe, long and tall, and she does need more milk, but she took her 2 year old year off, so she is behind a little. Fortune is also a long, tall guy, so if you are looking for stature, this doe should have it in spades. Gelato has lots of milk in her background, and her sire has some incredible milkers, one of which is Fortune’s dam, so this is also a linebreeding on GCH +*B Klisse’s LLB Odyssey of Hope.
Priced at $450