Sable Senior Does 2 Years Old

Silver Sage KHB Milk Chocolate

2/28/15; Dark bay chamoisee

S: CH +B Klisse’s KNOH Hawthorne Berry                                                                                                 D: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN ChocolateCrinkle 10*M

LA: 1-03 +E+V 84

Milk is long and dairy, and this year as a second freshener, has an udder that is identical to her dam’s. We are excited to show her this summer!


Klisse’s KDC Andrew

2/28/15; sungau

S:CH *B Klisse’s KCC Devil’s Clubberry                                                                                                     D: SGCH Gotta Lovem Baby Doe

LA: 1-03 ++++ 84

Andrew is a big, deep-bodied doe who has earned her dry leg. She is very level and freshened will this year.



Klisse’s KPOH Currant Berry

2/28/15; broken bay chamoisee, white feet

S: GCH *B Klisse’s TA Pinnacle of Hope                                                                                                       D: Klisse’s NSNN Cascara Berry

LA: 1-03 VVAV 87

Currant is wide and deep for her age with a pretty, globular udder.


Klisse’s KCS Cabaletta of Hope

3/9/15; broken black

S: *B Klisse’s KPOH Chocolate Stout                                                                                                         D: Klisse’s KNOH Cantilena of Hope

LA: 1-03 VV+V 86

Letta was bred to Hawthorne and is due on 3/1. Single Doe, black with red cheeks, $400




Klisse’s KHB Daim

3/29/15;light bay chamoisee

 S: Klisse’s KNOH Hawthorne Berry                                                                                                            D: Klisse’s NSNN Cattail 10*M

LA: 1-02 VV+V 86

Daim is actually my favorite doe for her age group. She has all the right things in all the right places, so it’s just a matter of waiting till she matures.  She is tall, long, smooth and very dairy. Her dam was a littler sister to SGCH Crinkle, but she only had 3 legs due to a non- healing compound fracture and was not showable.

Daim was bred to Ammon, Single belted bay buck $450


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