Sable Senior Does 6 Years Old

GCH Klisse’s KDC Andrew 2*M                                                                                                       2/28/15; sungau                                                                                                                                         S:CH *B Klisse’s KCC Devil’s Clubberry                                                                                                     D: SGCH Gotta Lovem Baby Doe *M                                                                                                            Milk: 1-11 234 1702 61 46                                                                                                                                         2-11 287 3376 117 95                                                                                                                                     3-11 220 2609 87 77 ip                                                                                                                    LA: 4-04 VEVV 88                                                                                                                                      Andrew finished two years ago as a three year old, and totally rocked it at her first show out last year by going 2019 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder!  Andrew was one of the does we picked to try IVF on as she is proving herself to be an excellent brood doe. While we won’t know exactly what we will get until they’re born and DNA typed (We did some mixing on the advice of a trusted friend,  with the exception of Cherry and Portrait, who are carrying single batches.).  But here are the possible crosses available due the middle of February.  First ones are Andrew with SG +*B Noble-Springs Night Night (her maternal grandsire, sire of multiple national champions and many times Premier Sire) and the second ones are Andrew with GCH Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant (full sibs to Natalie!):   2nd doe, 2nd buck of Night $1000

Does, bucks of Ant $800

Andrew is also live bred to CH *B Klisse’s KCA LightStrikeofHope and due 3/06/21. 2nd doe, bucks $800

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