Klisse’s TH Crocus 2*M

2/28/2014, polled

S: *B Talache’s Hagan AI

D: GCH Klisse’s Fagaraberry *M

Milk: 3-00 240 2107 74 59 ip

LA: 3-06 V+VV 87

Crocus, though overweight from being left a dry yearling, is none the less a very pretty doe with a shapely well-attached udder. She is very level with excellent feet and legs. Crocus earned two grand champion legs this fall, as well.

Klisse’s TH Helen


S: *B Talache’s Hagan AI

D: Talache’s Halla of Hope 7*M

Milk: 1-10 213 1400 44 38 ip

LA: 2-03 V+VV 86

Helen is small for her age, though she is fairly correct. She has been crossbred Sable. Does $400

Klisse’s TR Sunflower

3/31/2016; wattles, small dark spot on neck

S: *B Talache’s Rah

D: Klisse’s WSV Buttercup 2*M

LA: 1-05 +V++ 81

Sunflower is long and tall with a nice udder. She needs to grow and fill out a TON!

Klisse’s TR Hailey

4/02/2016; wattles, small tan spot on rump

S: *B Talache’s Rah

D: Talache’s Halla of Hope 7*M

LA: 1-04 A+A+ 80

Hailey is also long and tall like Sunflower- her spot has gotten too large to show her, so we are waiting to see if we can get the late coloring Saanens into the Sable herdbook.  She is definitely a color carrier, as her buck kid was chocolate.

Klisse’s TR Hollyhock

4/03/2016; wattles

S: *B Talache’s Rah

D: Klisse’s WSV Narcissis *M

Holly is a fairly correct doe and she was 5xRes this fall, once over 23 other doelings!


Klisse’s TR Harper


S: *B Talache’s Rah

D: Talache’s Halla of Hope 7*M

Harper is being left dry

Klisse’s TR Tulip


S: *B Talache’s Rah

D: Klisse’s TH Crocus 2*M

Tulip is being left dry


Klisse’s TE Daylily


S: *B Talache’s Ephraim

D: Klisse’s TR Sunflower

Daylily has earned her dry leg twice over, going over 29 doelings at the last show of the year! She is bred to Spinning Spider ETC Challenger for early May kids. 2nd doe $350

Klisse’s  Redbud


S: *B Talache’s Rah

D: Klisse’s TE Poppy

Redbud is being left dry









*B Talache’s Hagan AI


S: SG ++*B Pandanus CVR Executive Suite

D: Talache’s Henrici 6*M

LA: 3-04 +EV 85

Hagan is a gift from Shannan Lloyd, as his maternal line is from my old Saanen lines, and I’ve always wanted more Suite kids. We had a son out of him years ago, and while his offspring were not big or fancy, they were very correct with good mammaries and lots of milk for their size. Hagan also got an “extra” gift from his sire, and is a heavy duty color carrier, throwing lots of cou blancish type kids when bred to Saanens. Semen available.

*B Talache’s Rah

2/09/2015; white

S: Noble-Springs Dace (son of SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream 6*M)

D: SG Talache’s Rye 2*M (who goes back to my old good Saanens)

Rah is a tall, dairy buck. His paternal sisters did well at Nationals last year in 2015- his Sable sister was the 1st/1st udder yearling milker Sable, the 1st/1st udder yearling milker Recorded Grade, and 1st pl. senior Saanen kid. His sire, Dace, comes from a powerful family that always competes well at the national level. Dace’s maternal brother, Night, was a Sable who threw many beautiful daughters in our herd. Some disappointed in him as he is throwing too much color for the Saanen breed but not enough to comfortably be a Sable, so not using him at all this year.



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