Recorded Grades

Due to the fact that most of the recorded grades are 3/4 Sable, those particular animals are listed on the breed page by age, as their daughters are American.

KLISSE’S KCA HOSANA 9*M 3/09/2018; white; 50%AC 50%AS S: GCH +*B Klisse’s KA Chocolate Ant
D: Klisse’s TR Hailey 8*M LA: none for ‘20 Milk: 1-10 216 1816 58 55 Hosana’s dam had a huge brown spot on her rump, so I took a chance and crossbred her to see if she threw color. Of course, she didn’t, so we have another white grade. She was left as a dry yearling and got a bit chubby, which she didn’t really milk off. Then she got a touch of mastitis last summer and is now a bit light on one side, but she has udder attachment everywhere and a very pretty shape to her udder. She freshened almost even, so she’s ready to show!

4/22/2018; black with tan points; 50%AC 50%AA
S: CH *B Klisse’s KCH Doom of Hope
D: SGCH Klisse’s HOC Sash M LA: 1-03 85 +V+V Milk: 0-11 296 1812 62 51 Sassy is the result of my not being able to get her dam settled AI nor hauled somewhere to be bred Alpine (my laziness, essentially). She stood at the top of the class when Shimi wasn’t being shown, or right behind her when she was. She aborted 3 weeks early and didn’t dilate, so had to have a c-section to get the kids out. She was more than a little stressed and kidding early did nothing for her milk production, so we let her stay dry. This year she freshened nicely with no mastitis and a healthy kid (but FAT- Holy cow!!!).

5/10/2018; white with brown head and dapples; 50%AC 50%AS
S: CH *B Klisse’s SSG Riot of Hope
D: Klisse’s TH Helen 8*M LA: none for ‘20 Milk: 01-08 303 2139 100 77 ip Hello is a maternal sister to (Saanen) Hilary. She also got a bit pudgy as a jr yearling, but I am super happy with her appearance now that she’s fresh. We gave booster shots on 1/10/21, and she aborted. I am trying to bring her into milk, but she most likely won’t be able to be bred back for kids this year.

4/19/2019; white; 50%AS 50%AC
S: GCH +*B Klisse’s PRB Joshua D: Klisse’s KR Tulip 3*M
LA: none for ‘20
Milk: 0-11 249 1507 48 43
Lilac is the result of my inability to judge how quick Joshua can jump while collecting semen. It was late enough in the year that I didn’t want to abort her dam. TOTALLY worth keeping her. I can’t get a pic that shows how nice she really is- very well attached attractive udder, super level topline. She looks even better this year, even if all she had were buck kids again.