New bucks added this year

This year we were able to add three new bucks to our line-up. The first came after friends who knew I was looking for something out of the Loughlin's herd, and when this guy was posted as being available, helpfully sent me screenshots so I could see. Rah hasn't been very interested in breeding this year, so I am super happy that *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids McCraken, or Cracker, has been able to step up. His first kids are due the end of January. We added Noble-Springs Tater after winning him in a silent auction at a show, and he is being used on both the little white (both Saanen and grade) girls, plus a few of the bigger girls. The final guy in the line-up was a complete surprise. At the buck show in Sedalia, I was asked by Patti Black if I was interested in a buck, which to be honest, at that point, for a mature buck, no, I was not. As fate would have it, however, several attempts to keep a son out of *B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup were not successful, and the back-up to the back-up out of Fortune was found dead. Since Daniel was too related to a few of the little girls to really use him, I needed another buck kid. When Patti said he was a this year's kid, I was MOST definitely interested. We were able to bring home *B Nut-N-Honey TCT Tonka from the Neosho buck show and he is now happily breeding his harem for March kids.