Kids now available

After a successful kidding day with 46 kids born to 21 does, we have many available for sale. Saanen- a polled buckling out of Fern and ++*B Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leapold , and then Sable- a bay buckling out of GCH Dream, two bay does out of Dottie, a doe out of Cascara, two bucks, one silver and one black, out of GCH Lark/Haystack (should be good udder bucks), silver buck and sungau doe out of Trill/Haystack, two broken sungau doelings out of Tomato, a broken sungau doeling out of Grape, and several more listed on the from NSD

4 thoughts on “Kids now available

  1. Amanda

    Hey! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Phone changes, etc. Could you text me so I have ur number again? I am moving my AI up to this next month, so wondering if you have any polled American or Purebred saanen semen available?? I am also up for purchasing a few doeling out of your 2016 kidding season. (when they are born of course :))

    1. sabledg Post author

      Hi Amanda- I don’t have quick access to the semen tank- it is 3 hours away each way, so I have to know well in advance and then have the time to get the tank here before it can be sent. For next year, I do have 3 or 4 polled bucks in the tank, all related to Leapold. I have breedings posted on the site now.

  2. kay slechta

    What are your prices on some of your doelings and what kind of milk production do some of the moms have thanks kay

    1. sabledg Post author

      The prices on the kids are listed after the dams with a description of color, as well. The dams already have their completed lactations listed. I don’t put current lactations on till later in the summer, when they’ve been fresh for awhile.


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