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New Permanent Champions

This year we were able to finish quite a few does, plus one buck. This summer we added GCH Apple and GCH Horror after the first spring shows. After the fall show loop, we added GCH Daylily, SGCH Sash, GCH Odia (Euodias), GCH Buttons, CH Mary (who will earn her G, but not quite yet since she freshened in May), and finally, CH Riot. Also added were SG's to Power and Holly. We have ended the year with three does and three bucks with two legs, so next year should start off with a bang!

New bucks added this year

This year we were able to add three new bucks to our line-up. The first came after friends who knew I was looking for something out of the Loughlin's herd, and when this guy was posted as being available, helpfully sent me screenshots so I could see. Rah hasn't been very interested in breeding this year, so I am super happy that *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids McCraken, or Cracker, has been able to step up. His first kids are due the end of January. We added Noble-Springs Tater after winning him in a silent auction at a show, and he is being used on both the little white (both Saanen and grade) girls, plus a few of the bigger girls. The final guy in the line-up was a complete surprise. At the buck show in Sedalia, I was asked by Patti Black if I was interested in a buck, which to be honest, at that point, for a mature buck, no, I was not. As fate would have it, however, several attempts to keep a son out of *B Silver Sage KA Chocolate Syrup were not successful, and the back-up to the back-up out of Fortune was found dead. Since Daniel was too related to a few of the little girls to really use him, I needed another buck kid. When Patti said he was a this year's kid, I was MOST definitely interested. We were able to bring home *B Nut-N-Honey TCT Tonka from the Neosho buck show and he is now happily breeding his harem for March kids.

New Junior Herdsire!

We are excited to welcome to our herd Springfield-Oaks CG Zorro Faro, who is all black with a white star on his poll. I have been waiting for him for over ten years, having put a deposit down after seeing Betty Henning’s beautiful doe, Montana, and finding out that she was a color carrier. Betty has graciously allowed us to have Zorro, and we can’t wait to use him this fall. Thanks, Betty!!

Kids now available

After a successful kidding day with 46 kids born to 21 does, we have many available for sale. Saanen- a polled buckling out of Fern and ++*B Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leapold , and then Sable- a bay buckling out of GCH Dream, two bay does out of Dottie, a doe out of Cascara, two bucks, one silver and one black, out of GCH Lark/Haystack (should be good udder bucks), silver buck and sungau doe out of Trill/Haystack, two broken sungau doelings out of Tomato, a broken sungau doeling out of Grape, and several more listed on the from NSD

SGCH Sassy is off to the Rainbow Bridge

While our Alpine herd is small, it is now even smaller, as SGCH Waiilatpu SDM Sassafras died this afternoon from complications with mastitis. She was a lovely, hard working doe, and we still have 2 grade daughters, Stevia and Sassarolla, and full Alpine daughter, Sassaby, who will be freshening in May this year. Sassy10

Happy results

In a stunning turn of events, after mailing the blood samples for pregnancy determination on Cascara, Carillon and Rebekah, Reba came back in heat the next morning and I could have shot her quite cheerfully. On Tuesday night, we got the results for Cara and Cari- both are bred! Cara only freshens every other year despite many efforts, so she’s right on schedule, and Cari is the ONLY doe that Faux Pas settled this year, making him a “One Shot Wonder”. We will be looking forward to both these batches of kids.

Breeding schedule changeup

In a bummer of a major sort, Faux Pas hasn’t settled any does for sure this year, so we’ve had to change breeding lineups and our kidding dates are much later than we would prefer. As of this time, only Carillon and Rebekah haven’t cycled back, but they will be getting either ultrasounded or blood tested to see if they really are pregnant, as all other does have cycled back and rebred to other bucks. The current breedings have been updated as of this morning, 12/9/14.

New “site”

For those of you who have been here before, you will notice that the site is a bit different. Our old software was no longer supported and having problems, so we’ve switched to a new program, which should be more user friendly for all involved (at least after watching all those tutorials to figure it out!). The site is updated for breedings, due dates, prices, reservations, photos, and now what semen is available. I do still have other bucks available in very small quantities, except for Night, Mote, and Hot Chocolate. Thank you so much for looking!