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Klisse’s Dairy Goats


Welcome to our website – it’s now being updated for the 2019 kidding season.  Although we are most known for our Sables, we also have a few Saanens, Alpines, and some grades of each type.  Most of our older animals are American, with our younger Sables having a higher incidence of being purebred.  If you are interested in the purebred, please ask.  We have had several National Champions (from back when the Sables were shown as Recorded Grades), several Reserve National Champions, Best Udders, Reserve Best Udders (one in the Saanen breed, even!), and have been both Premier Breeder of Show and Runner-Up Breeder of National Show (2007 and 2000 & 2011 &2012, respectively) all at the national level.  Our doe, SGCH Klisse’s GSMS Triumph of Hope 3*M was 4x National Champion and made several Top Ten lactations, with a mind blowing 50 Best In Show wins to her name!  Although she has passed on, she has made a great contribution to both the Sable and LaMancha breeds – all of the Sables with the suffix “of Hope’ are her offspring in some manner.

We do practice CAE prevention with heat-treated colostrum, and are CL free.  The kids are all pulled from the does at birth and raised on powdered colostrum, pasteurized milk, free choice, The does are fed a high quality alfalfa (feed value 180+) and a rolled barley/sweet grain mix.  We feed a Sweetlix mineral that is formulated for supplementing with legume hay.  We give Bo-Se shots twice a year and copper boluses annually, along with twice yearly Covexin 8 and J-Vac vaccinations.  We do annual sessions of linear appraisal and have been on milk test/DHIR for over 20 years now, with many Top Ten lactations, and most of the mature does and bucks LA 89+.  We finished F0rtune and Joshua (bucks), as well as Andrew, Spumoni, Holly and a couple more for the does.

A deposit of $100 is required for each kid, with the balance due before the animal leaves the farm. All kids need to be paid for within FOUR weeks of their birth to show your intent to purchase.  Animals can be delivered free to nationals or to local shows (we already show in IL, IN, OK, TN, TX and MO- but please ask as we are always adding new shows to our circuit).  *NEW*-due to space constraints, if the animals are not picked up in a timely manner- kids by 6 weeks and/or milkers within two weeks of being notified- there will be a $3.50 charge per day until they are picked up. This includes animals being delivered to shows.  I also reserve the right to retain kids in the herd and will make alternate arrangements on deposits. If your choice of kid is not born, or is not deemed of high enough quality, your deposit will be refunded or can be transferred to another animal of your choice.  We will be selling two year old and yearling milkers of show quality as we need to downsize the show string in these two ages. At this time, all mikers that are not show quality are somewhat available.  Semen is also available on most of the bucks listed and on more that are not listed, so please inquire if you have an interest. Again, semen can be delivered to nationals, local shows, or convention. The only bucks I do not have semen available for are Night Night and the coming yearlings.

We offer a free breeding for each doe purchased at the listed price unless sold as a bred doe, live service if within your driving distance, semen if further, or potentially a free leasing if neither of the other two options is feasible.  I will try and keep the kids available updated as they are born, but if you see a doe you would like something out of and nothing is listed, please inquire as there might be something available now or for next year.  I sometimes hold on to some of the earlier kids till I see what comes out later.  We will most definitely have show milkers available  and I can take photos and post them.  Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

We are located in Terre Haute, Indiana, just off I-70. We do ship kids out of the Indianapolis airport,  Animals to be shipped will be an additional $50, to cover health papers and transportation to the airport.

Klisse Foster

812 (877) 2633- I really prefer texting, and then email next as a contact preference, as I don’t like to live with my phone and it doesn’t get reception in the barn nor the milkroom for actual calls, though texting works.

6673 N. Meneely St., Terre Haute, IN 47805


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4 thoughts on “Klisse’s Dairy Goats

  1. Maxwell Thompson

    I am a breeder of Nigerian dwarfs and oberhaslis. I am looking for a sable, or alpine doeling to add to my herd. I was wondering if you had any for sale.

    1. sabledg Post author

      If you look at the Sable doe pages, the doelings are listed under the dam where available. I don’t have many left, as most will be leaving for a dairy within the next few weeks unless picked up or a deposit on a kid is paid before they leave.

    1. sabledg Post author

      I am currently sold out with the exception of a buck kid who’s sale fell through. We will start kidding in February and should have some milking yearlings available by the beginning of March.


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